Pendrellor: Peter Kearins’ custom-built terrain

Peter Kearins impressed us all with his Facebook IMTel group posts showing some really lovely terrain over which his Ghar and Concord are to fight. Here, he gives us a quick overview of what inspired him and what materials he used to create it.

Peter: My inspiration for this terrain set came from several places and years if Sci-fi. It’s a world dominated  by giant trees, the key inspiration being “The War for Eternity” by Christopher Rowley and the planet Fenrille. There’s a bit of Endor in there of course. And what’s a strange alien jungle without the ruins of a lost ancient or alien civilisation? But of course too much green can get to you so brightly coloured fungus is the obvious answer to that. And carnivorous plants! Got to have those!

The planet’s called Pendrellor, a sort of mash up of Fenrille, Pandora and Endor. I have an old old 40K Eldar army that is all scouts that I plan on re-badging these as Freeborn that are “native” to this planet. The forest is the source of many unique and complex substances found in the flora and fauna and which make Pendrellor so valuable.

Of course, need it be said that’s it’s located in the Determinate?  It’s where my Ghar will be fighting, after all.

The cooling vanes of the underground insectoid nest were a late idea and addition and I call that little sub-set “The Court of the Hive Queen”. The transmat pad too is an obvious essential sci-fi staple. All these idea were percolating in the back of my mind and with the first BtGoA v1 supplement set on Xilos, a forest/jungle world, suddenly there was a glue bottle in my hand…

The Court of the Hive Queen

Apart from several different types of glue, all the terrain is made from simple materials:

  • MDF;
  • cardboard;
  • foam;
  • fabric (the Hive Queen cooling vanes, for example);
  • bits of plastic that looked useful;
  • plaster bandage;
  • polyfiller;
  • modelling clay; and, of course,
  • paint.

Most of the foliage is plants for fish tanks or fake topiary (I had no idea this came in such variety!). There’s also a lot, I mean a lot of flock, static grass, sand and very small rocks.

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