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There are vast numbers of independent human worlds belonging to small, self-governing empires or federations. Some of these societies are relatively primitive whilst others are as technologically advanced as those of the Concord and Isorians. The Algoryn Prosperate is the largest independent federation of planets lying upon the Antarean borders of both IMTel nations, the PanHuman Concord and Isorian Senatex, in the region known as the Determinate. The Prosperate also borders on the empire of the Ghar, genetically engineered slave-soldiers in ages past.

The Prosperate comprises hundreds of worlds and is centred upon the planet of Algor, the homeworld of the Algoryn. Whilst the Concord and Isorians ultimately pose the greatest long-term threat to Algoryn independence, all three civilisations benefit from peaceful trading contact: it is the Ghar who are the immediate, greater threat.

The Prosperate itself is a multi‐ethnic federation, trade zone and mutual defence league that includes Algoryn colonies (12) and non‐Algoryn worlds (~317 member worlds with full voting rights; over 2000 affiliate worlds controlled by those members) as well as a number of non-human species, including the Tch’thaxh or Tchax. The defence forces are dominated by the Algoryn military assisted by local militia. Technologically, the Prosperate is almost as advanced as the IMTel societies but determinedly avoids the dominance of nanosphere integration and the inevitable IMTel that would result.

Prosperate society is led by individuals representing the member worlds in a Prosperate Council. The members are predominantly panhumans, with Algoryn foremost amongst those leaders, but it is guided by political debate rather than an IMTel. Above the Prosperate Council sits the High Council which commands the AI and Special Division (SD) forces, a council dominated by Algoryn optimates (see below). The society is based on nanotechnology but implementing a full  nanosphere would not only destroy the Algoryn caste system and way of life, but leave the Prosperate vulnerable to the far more capable nanosphere of the IMTel societies.

Algoryn Icon
Symbol of the Prosperate

The Algoryn People

The Algoryn are human morphs of distinctive appearance, evolving on the fourth planet of the binary star system of Enbris and Onebris. When Algor’s perihelion with Onebris coincides with a full eclipse of Enbris, the planet is bombarded with toxic levels of radiation from the red sun and the population must retreat underground until the planet’s orbit takes it further from its twin suns. It is thought that the Algoryn’s distinctive keratin head-coverings, thickened and scale-like covering to their skin, larger size and enhanced resilience evolved as protection from this intense radiation.

This gives the Algoryn a higher Res stat of 6 when compared with other panhumans.

Algoryn society is rigid and caste-ridden, dominated by great families or mochs. The castes, known as legers, are the: Optimate (ruling class and generals), Vector (soldier-aristocratics forming the bulk of the AI), Founder (providing support and garrison units), Servile (scientists, technocrats) and Base. All the Optimate, Vector and Founder legers form the military whilst the Servile and Base are non-military, though all Algoryn receive militia training from a very young age.

The Algoryn live upon twelve densely populated colony worlds, and they maintain bases and outposts on many more that are otherwise unsuitable for large‐scale settlement. Until twenty‐two years ago there was a thirteenth colony, Zyra, which lay close to the Isorian dominated regions to the east of the Prosperate. Zyra was attacked by the Isorians and the planet itself was destroyed by the Algoryn to prevent it falling into the hands of the Isorian Shard.

There are two main factions currently in the High Council:  the Traditionalists, led by SD General Ess Ma Rahq, who want to keep Algor and the Prosperate isolated from any other influence; and the Progressives, led by the exiled Tar Es Janar, who see stronger alliances with the IMTel nations as a better way of securing the Prosperate and keeping it protected from those forces. It is perhaps ironic that the Traditionalists control the most advanced technology in their SD forces.

Algoryn SD Hazard Troops

Military – on the table

The Prosperate’s Algoryn forces are currently split into two: the dominant Algoryn  Infantry (AI) in which optimate commanders lead highly effective Vector formations,and the elite troops of Special Division with their Hazard armour and experimental, high-tech armour and weapons. These are supported locally by Founder garrison troops, and even local militia.

Their most readily-available unit is the AI Squad, which is flexible and capable of adjusting to any situation – you can’t go wrong with a army full of these. The AI squads are supported by specialist elements such as x-launcher and mag weapon teams and also by the effective Avenger attack skimmer. Beyond these basic elements, the Algoryn have probe shards and vehicles like any other panhuman faction, but rely on armed Algoryn as battlefield medics.

The Special Division forces are built around their advanced Hazard suits, a complex, powered armour that is intended to face Ghar. The SDs forces also make use of advanced plasma and even compression weaponry.

Algoyn vehicles have the Hardened special rule, insulating them somewhat from IMTel attacks, are fairly used to the Ghar’s polluting weaponry so have the Distort Stability special rule, and have some unique Army Options affecting their Recovery Tests (Courage Under Fire, Stoic) and shooting (Well-laid Shot).

Algoryn Defiant
An Algoryn Defiant armoured infantry support vehicle

Free Online Army Lists complete with all stats and weapons for each faction are available from the A2 PDF Army List page.

The Algoryn units are best grouped together as follows:

Key Individuals

Matt Houghton Algoryn
An overview of Matt Houghton’s Algoryn