Antares Community

This iss meant as a hub for the player and game resources available on the Nexus. We welcome contributions from the community, from .stls to batreps, to background and fiction. We curate the articles to try and keep them to a high standard.

The main Beyond the Gates of Antares (IMTel) Facebook group is the primary source of all support (we only have limited amounts of time!)


There are a load of scenarios on the Nexus, a mix of player-created material, older, ‘official’ scenarios and scenarios created by Rick and Tim. We try and make sure the ones we post are tested and are good to play. Try the category ‘Scenarios‘.


There is a host of fiction on this Nexus, from players as well as in the character descriptions and background. Try the category ‘Fiction‘.

3D Printing STLs

We already have a few .stl files for use with 3D printers. We try and make sure anything submitted is test-printed, first. This ‘3D stl‘ is a tag new for Antares 2 and started by Nicholas Wagner (Virai and Boromite smaller vehicles) and Jon Harrington (optimissing the Virai hauler and markers for Incision Shard): thanks, gents!

Building/Painting Showcases

We are constantly astounded by the standard of painting, modelling, terrain building and helpful hints and tips offered up by the community. Try the ‘Showcase‘ category or tag.


Beyond the Gates of Antares has a vibrant community, both online and off, and we provide a few links, below, to pages where you might find fellow players. On the Nexus, posts, showcases and articles sent in from the community are categorised ‘Community’ and many tagged ‘Community’, as well, to allow them to be easier to find. We also recommend the following:

Personal Shards

There is a class of posts termed ‘Personal Shards‘ that contain fan-contributed material from fiction to army lists to Boromite Guilds and Freeborn Houses. We sometimes bring in Personal Shards into the ‘official’ universe – examples being the the Vardos Delhren, Prince Batu and the Vardos Cadix. There are fewer of these, now, as we are able to expand Antares a little more – it is a huge universe!