The army lists are free downloads, as are the rules. This page now contains the November 2022 ‘light’ update – the errata and FAQ to the previous versions is here: November 2022 Update Notes.

Information on -PLUS format lists is in this post.

The lists are in player-requested greyscale. With separate army lists we ensure the current version is there for all to download and we can make any necessary corrections or amendments quite quickly. That might mean the addition of a new unit, or addressing a genuine mistake – though hopefully not too often. Mostly, changes reflect experience and community feedback, allowing us to fine tune an entry, rule or value, or change the expression of an entry to make things clearer. To this end, the lists are version-numbered to match the rules, with the last few, ascending letters in characters indicating the list version.

Algoryn Icon
Algoryn Prosperate
Boromite Clans & Guilds logo
Boromite Clans & Guilds
PanHuman Concord logo
PanHuman Concord
Freeborn Oszoni
Freeborn Houses

(includes Askar and Hükk Mercenaries-for-hire)

Ghar Empire Logo
Ghar Empire
Isorian Senatex
Isorian Senatex
Virai Logo Drop Shadow
Virai Dronescourge
Vorl Leading Claw

Army List zip file with all lists as of 2022-12-20

Amendment Summary

The files above include all the errata made to the initial (May 2022) lists and rules. The Living FAQ was cleared down and moved to the following page for reference: November 2022 Update Notes (also includes a PDF version of the errata from May to Nov).