About the Antares Nexus

This site is the source of all the core information on the wargame Beyond the Gates of Antares, 2nd Edition (Antares 2) by Rick Priestley and Tim Bancroft.

A major feature of the Antares universe is that it evolves as a result of international games days: the games between the players on those days determines how the politics develop. This has already brought a faction to the brink of civil war, has already controlled where the pestilent Virai will expand, and has already resulted in the release of a strange, new artificial lifeform (the Chryseis Shard) into the universe. Many of the images and articles here are from players!

A lot of background articles can be found here, and more can be found in the downloadable, Guide to the Universe on Rules Central.

Rick Priestley is a veteran of Games Workshop and Warlord Games, was the creator of Warhammer 40,000 and was behind numerous – nay, countless – other games, as well. His name is known throughout the industry, His fantasy game, Warlords of Erehwon, uses the same dice system as Antares 2 and Alessio Cavatore’s Bolt Action.

Tea, especially with biscuits, is important.

Rick has an Erehwon blog.

Tim Bancroft is a writer and games designer who wrote for BtGoA v1, and worked in the Warlord studios supporting Antares before co-producing Antares 2. He has won a few writing competitions, longlisted for the James White SF Award 2015 and won the Orwell Dystopian Fiction Award 2014.

He also likes T, but prefers it with a ‘G&’ in front.

Follow Tim on his Blog at: timbancroft.me.uk.

Nexus Acknowledgments

Thanks to all the contributors who have allowed us to use their images and articles from the old BtGoA V1 Nexus and convert them to A2. We’d also like to thank the following for their work in editing and bringing the new Nexus up to spec, or for editing their own material, or for their major contributions to A2.

  • Tangential James (James Turner), who runs his own wargaming blog at https://tangentiallyimbricatedcontrivances.blogspot.com
  • Vardos Cadix (Adam Murton)
  • Ben Buxton, who also wrote some of the articles here
  • Jon Harrington who is the third admin and also contributes with .stl files and other articles!
  • Jamie Morris developed a list builder for Antares 2, for which we are very grateful. The article saying how to find it is here.
  • Finally, we have to offer our thanks to the late Joey Pruitt, who created the Vorl .stls for Antares 2. His files, accessible here, are a superb memoriam to his skill.

The following have laboured hard in producing translations on Antares 2 with no thought of reward. Just awesome, and many thanks!