Antarean space extends so far and covers such a wide band in history that it is unsurprising that there are many, warlike non-human species as well as many panhuman morphs. Mercenaries first appeared in the BtGoA V1 core rulebook in the shape of Hansa Nairoba and Bovan Tuk, able to be hired by Freeborn, but there are more, whether capable individuals or groups. Even amongst the IMTel nations, these warlike peoples have a use as bounty hunters, guards, trackers or mercenaries, despite not being a fully integrated part of the IMTel.

Hiring and Using Mercenaries

Units on the ‘Mercenaries for Hire’ list can be hired (used in your army) just by selecting them from the Freeborn Army List (more to be created) and by paying the appropriate points. Some of the units listed cannot be taken by particular factions, as listed on the individual mercenary unit entries, and some factions cannot take units of a particular species – as listed in the Playing the Game rulebook.

Unfortunately, Mercenaries are not completely reliable and the rules for Mercenary Break Tests are in the Playing the Game rulebook.

Military – on the table

Mercenaries for Hire include non-humans as well as humans. Whilst there are few at the moment, keep a watch on this page as we expect more over the coming months. Mercenaries-for-hire can be individuals or units: at present, the individuals (characters) are best substituted for particular leaders in the lists, such as Bovan Tuk for a Feral Warchief, Xan Tu for a senior Isorian Drone Commander, Batu Delhren for a Renegade NuHu or Taras Kalemon for a Freeborn admiral.

Askar Protector-Warriors

The Askar are the remnants of a once great race who lived through many ages of Antares. All that is now left are the Protector-Warriors, a highly capable, geneered subset of the Askar species. Askar are traded by Freeborn Houses but also form a not-insignificant component of Vorl armies.

There is an extensive article on the Askar background.

Askar Protector Command
Askar Protector-Warriors

Hükk Bounty Hunter

The Hükk are renowned bounty hunters but will sometimes accept a commission in a battlefield role. There is an extensive write-up, a scenario, a short story and a guide to painting the Hükk.

A Hükk Bounty Hunter

Togg Kin’Ru

Togg is a Mercenary character who substitues for a Freeborn Fleet Captain or Domari officer, or as a Mercenary Commander in a mercernary list. His details are here.

Mercenary Togg