The Living FAQ/Errata

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This is a list of official errata and official answers to questions that should probably be better stated as F-FAQ’s – ‘Fairly Frequently Asked Questions'(!)  for Antares 2.

As of November 2022, this has been cleared down to allow for updates to the November 2022 minor updates. The previous FAQ (online and in PDF format) can be found on the November 2022 Update Notes post.


If there is an inconsistency between any quick reference (QR) or summary tables and the main rules or lists, always go by the rules and lists. If you want to help remove errors, please report the error/typo to Tim via PM on the Facebook group or (if you have loads, and he will probably ask you too do so, anway) via email (which Tim will give you); please do not pose errata notifications as a question on the group as it will almost certainly be missed due to busy Facebook feeds!

Core Books

These amendments, updates and comments apply to the core rules, the guide to Playing the Game, the Arms & Equipment Guide and the Guide to the Antares Universe.

None for now.

Army Lists

Freeborn: Skyraiders

Version K gives the Skyraiders an option for a mag heavy support (a heavy weapon) which cannot be compacted. This has been corrected and Freeborn can take one of a mag cannon, plasma cannon, plasma light support or compression cannon (all at +1pt). Thanks to Jasper Batcher for noticing.

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