The Living FAQ

The Living FAQ

This is a list of official answers to questions that should probably be better stated as F-FAQ’s – ‘Fairly Frequently Asked Questions'(!)  for Antares 2.


If there is an inconsistency between any quick reference or summary tables and the main rules or lists, always go by the rules and lists. If you want to help remove errors, please report the error/typo to Tim via PM on the Facebook group or (if you have loads) via email; please do not pose errata notifications as a question on the group as it will almost certainly be missed due to busy Facebook feeds!

Initial Army Lists

Special Rules: Cumbersome

There was a common cut-and-paste error across the army lists. Cumbersome causes a unit to add an extra pin when it fails an Agility (Ag) test, not when it fails a Command Test. Well done Luiso Bosqueviejo. This has been corrected for the next release.

SpeciaL Munitions SUmmary: Suspensor Net

There was a common cut-and-paste error across those army lists that can use Suspensor Net. It obviously cannot be 3″ radius AND blast template (1.5″ radius). Well done Jasper Batcher. This has been corrected for the next release.

Algoryn Summary Tables

The AI Heavy Weapons team should be 8pts, not 10. ‘Get Up!’ and ‘Marksmen’ should be 2pts each, not 1, and ‘Well-laid Shot’. should be max ‘FL (1/turn)‘, and not 1. Thanks Jasper, again! All have been corrected for the next release.

Algoryn D-Spinner

Though the plasma shell mode has the ‘Grenade’ special keyword the D-spinner is not, in itself, a grenade so cannot be placed as a mine. It will be altered to ‘Compound SV, No Cover’ for the next release to ensure there won’t be a misreading (in hand-to-hand there is no cover bonus but I’m just trying to cater for an unseen eventuality).

PDF-derived Title

In some PDF browsers and on some platforms, the Document Title field is displayed rather than the filename. The Title field will be updated in the next release to hold the document title.

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