Rules Central

This is the central point for the new rules, lists and a reference to any supplements we may produce.  Background on how Antares 2 came about and its links with Warlord Games and Skytrex is outlined in this news article.

In Antares 2, we have split the main rules into four separate sections: Core Rules, Playing the Game, Arms & Equipment, and the Guide to the Universe. On top of this, are the individual army lists. All are free to download PDFs and all are in black-and-white/grayscale to help with home printing. We have also added a full colour Universe guide as it has the most images and is the least likely to be printed off!

We have an article that explains what’s new in Antares 2.

The free PDF Army Lists. Each contains the unique equipment and weaponry rules, plus special options, unit definitions, selectors, summary of Army Options, a weapons quick ref and a Special Rules quick ref for the faction.

The Core Rules (able to be used on their own for other universes).

The Arms & Equipment Guide for Antares.

Playing the Game, including scenarios

QR Sheet image

Antares 2 Quick Reference (B&W)

Rules zipfile with Core, Arms & Equipment, Playing the Game and QR (as of 2022-04-24)

Guide to the Antares Universe: Colour (68+MB)

Guide to the Antares Universe: B&W, lo-res (5+MB)

A2 Living FAQ Errata logo

The Living FAQ and errata waiting addition to the main lists and rules

And to help with anyone who wishes to use version 1, we’ve collated the rules amendments, errata and FAQs here. This will not be kept up to date, however!