Jez Allum’s Concord

Jez Allum’s received one of teh earlyt versions of the C3M4 combat drone Concord and painted it up to match the rest of his Concord force

Jez Concord (1)

Jez’s Concord featured in the celebration of the C3M4 Combat Drone’s launch at Warlord owner, John Stallard’s house – with no less than 11 C3M4s in play, and over 300 activations undertaken throughout the day!

Jez Algoryn in-game (1)

Speaking of C3M4s – Jez’s red drone is a fantastic example…

Jez Allum C3M4 (1)

Jez Allum C3M4 (2)

To see more of Jez’s work, head on over to the external Jez’s Painting Blog or take a look at other articles showcasing his work: his glowing Isorians, and his Freeborn Domari.


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