PDF Downloads for V1 supplements

The Dronescourge Spaceship Corridors

The Dronescourge Returns

V1’s Dronescourge supplement had a mix of scenarios based in starships and ruined arcologies (massive, self-contained living-community-work-manufacturing-horticultural buildings). These can be replayed (we’ll pull them up here), but:

  • Scenario 1, ‘Firm Foothold’, has a central lift and four exit points, all of which are placed during the set up phase and through which the attacker has to escape.
  • Scenario 2, ‘Intersecting Explorations’, contains rules for a mini-game during deployment and throughout the game that involve building your own deckplan and corridor layout as you wend your way towards a central intersection.

The tiles for these can be found in the PDF below – download, print and cut out for your own use!

The Dronescourge Spaceship Corridors
Dronescourge Returns Scenario 1 and 2 – corridors and lifts

Battle for Xilos

The Battle for Xilos supplement had a mix of scenarios with differing elements, movement and objectives.

  • The ‘Xilos Landing’ scenario has a prequel mini-game called ‘The Drop’ involving Algoryn dropping to the surface of the planet;
  • ‘Tunnels’ involves digging the rock to gain entry to some Builder caverns; and
  • ‘Jail Break’ involves the breaking out of Ghar captives without knowing which holding pen are those containing the captives.

Warlord created some PDF downloads for players to use in each scenario, all of which are available here.

Scenario 1 – Xilos Landing
The Drop scenario board used in the mini-game (p.15)
Scenario 4 – Tunnels
The Cave and Tunnel templates (p.33) are used during the set-up and exploration phase.
Scenario 5 – Jail Break
The Xilos Jail Break hidden pen cards are used to determine what can be found in each holding pen (p.40)

The Battle for Xilos Drop Board
Xilos Drop Board

Xilos Tunnels for artefacts scenario
Tunnels for Artefacts scenario

The Battle for XIlos Jail Break Cards
Jail Break Cards


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