Algoryn Bastion Heavy Combat Skimmer

Algoryn bastion with weapon options

The Bastion heavy combat skimmer is the largest and most powerful of the military grade semi­-autonomous weapon platforms in the armoury of the Algoryn Prosperate. It is heavily protected with a combination of fixed­emission hyperlight defences and strategic kinetic shielding. The Bastion is capable of carrying the largest and heaviest of mobile weapons, and is generally armed with a heavy magnetic cannon as its principal armament. This is a proven and highly effective weapon with immense penetration power, easily capable of destroying even the most heavily armoured drones and vehicles. Secondary armament can vary from the highly effective mag light support or twin version of the same weapon, or the even more powerful plasma light support.

Its long range enables it to operate from fixed positions from which it can dominate the battlefield. Its suspensors are augmented by pulse thrusters propelling the Bastion at a moderate pace. The Bastion is one of the most effective asset available to the Prosperate’s forces and one that dominates the largest and fiercest of battles.

There are a couple of variants of the template of which the M250 armed with a heavy mag cannon and mag light support is the most frequently seen. They follow the normal layout of suspensor propulsion with reaction thrusters, though on a massive scale.

The primary defense is a composite skin and powerful kinetic shields making the drone highly resistant to many Antarean weapons. It is often accompanied by spotter and batter drones.

We have an in-depth article that goes through the Algoryn weapon systems in more detail.


Like other heavy combat skimmers and drones, the Bastion can be seen as a major, relatively mobile fighting platform whether or attack or defence. Being classed as ‘Extra Large’ in the game allows it to draw Line Of Sight (LOS) over the top of most friendly units and as such can engage the enemy from behind an infantry screen.  It can generally keep up with most infantry by Run-ning the vehicle with it’s first dice, then by using a Fire order to utilise its long-range, heavy mag cannon which has a high SV of 7 and the Massive Damage Special Rule, forcing two rolls on a target’s damage chart.

Bastion showing weapon options
Algoryn Bastion showing weapon options
Assembly Instructions

The Bastion kit is resin and metal and has basic assembly instructions on the back of the box. ‘Rocky’s War Room’ has produced both an assembly/magnetising video and an painting video for the Bastion, and we also have an article by Nexus regular Jon Harrington on assembling and painting the Algoryn Bastion Heavy Combat Skimmer.

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