Commander Kamrana Josen

There are two variants of Kamrana Josen. Firstly, as a heroic young Commander in the Aan campaign, and later as a Commander-in-chief of the Xilos Expeditionary Force. The models can be used to represent a normal Strike Commander or Strike Marshall in a Concord Strike Command squad, or the customisations shown below can be used.

The Hero of Aan Four

Even in his youth Kamrana Josen had never been one to enjoy the easy life of the Concord – volunteering for exploration service in his twenties and taking part in armed missions to Tars Urgon, in the De’el campaign, and on the astreroid colonies of Ulk’ka G’neka. When the Vorl broke the seal of Aan Four in the Seventh Segment War, Josen was selected as one of the first Concord Commanders to lead troops into the old Aan Shard since it was plunged into thermo-plasmic chaos five centuries earlier. Josen’s company was in the first wave to make planet fall. He decided to land his ship darkside on Aan Four’s western continent to avoid contact with Vorl patrols. It was an unlucky choice – because only hours before the Vorl had managed to repopulate the planet’s sensors using remnant nano-spore.

A heavily armed Vorl AG unit intercepted Commander Josen’s company. Casualties began to mount. Before the first shot had been fired the Vorl threw a local suppression-shield around the area, making it impossible to get a message to the other Concord troops in the east. Josen’s company found itself pinned down by Vorl dug-in to the surrounding hills. As explosive plugs hammered into the rocky gully where they had taken refuge, Josen ordered his tech-support team to rig an overpowered hyper-light shield small enough for him to carry. Then, with the shield jury rigged to his battle armour, bandoliers of plasma micro-grenades, and his plasma carbine in his left hand, he launched himself at the nearest Vorl combat group. Exploding plugs ricocheted from his armoured shield, but soon he reached the terrified Vorl, shooting three grenades into the dugout where they were cringing, before finishing off the survivors with the carbine.

Unfortunately, the blast of his own plasma grenades had been enough to blow out Josen’s battlesuit’s blackout visor, but this did not deter him from advancing upon the second Vorl position. Despite suffering hits to his legs, Josen staggered towards the target, and once again a hail of plasma grenades struck the enemy position. He was so close that he was badly burned from the blast of his own grenades, and – thanks to the malfunctioning visor – practically blinded. Whilst his troops could only watch in amazement, Josen limped towards the final Vorl position, where the alien engineer with the suppression shield generator was cowering beside the Vorl Commander. With his battle armour’s sensors tuned to the acrid scent of the transgenic Vorl, Josen staggered into a hail of exploding plugs, relying upon his hyper-light shield to deflect most of the shots as he came with range of the grenade dispenser. Having seen what had already happened to their friends, most of the Vorl threw down their weapons and ran for it. Three more grenades soon reduced the shield generator to molten metal and the Vorl Commander to a bubbling smear of gelatinous goo, also melting off Josen’s right hand in the blast.

When his troops found him, half buried in a crater burned into the ground by his own grenades, they discovered that Josen’s armour had been penetrated twenty seven times. The Commander had lost his hand and suffered serious injuries to his legs and spine. He had also been blinded. With the local suppression shield knocked out the company was able to bring in reinforcements, and Josen was evacuated out of the fighting zone. He would spend the next three months of a six-month regeneration programme in a bio- tank, preferring to return to the fighting half-healed rather than miss out on further action.

Stats: Commander Josen, Hero of Aan Four

As the hero of Aan Four, Kamrana Josen can replace a Strike Commander in a Strike Command squad in a Concord Strike selector, for +3 points with the addition of the following:

Init 9Josen has Initiative 9
Hero 15″Josen’s reputation is such that all with 15″ can use his Init stat
WoundSee the Core Rules
Integrated HL BoosterJosen has a jury-rigged HL Booster giving him a basic Res of 5(8). The bosster cannot be targeted separately and only affects Josen, but is otherwise identical to an HL Booster buddy.
Grenade BandolierJosen has pulled together packs fo grenades to make a single weapon. This is equivalent to 5 Attacks SV1, Compound SV, Grenade but is Hazardous HtH
UniqueThere is only one Kamrana Josen!

C-in-C, XEF

Kamrana Josen, veteran of the Seventh Segment War and hero of Aan Four, rose steadily through the ranks of the Concord Combined Command following his encounter with the inhuman and transgenic Vorl. His sudden deployment to the world of Xilos as Strike Marshal therefore came as a complete surprise to Commander Josen, especially because at the time he was already leading an exploratory force into the Western Interface. This border region between the PanHuman Concord and Isorian Senatex was rapidly assuming the status of a grade three warzone. Josen’s troops were expecting to counter an Isorian push into this fiercely disputed part of the Fifth Segment.

Geordie Irvin's Kamrana Josen
Geordie Irvin’s Kamrana Josen

Josen and his small but powerful force were instead diverted to Xilos together with hurriedly mustered scientific reinforcements comprising some of the PanHuman Concord’s finest minds. The choice of Josen to lead the Xilos expedition may have seemed a strange one at first – after all, the mission was primarily one of exploration and scientific investigation, while Josen was a Commander of considerable battle experience and a reputation for steely determination in the face of adversity. His exploits upon Aan Four had become the stuff of C3 legend, and there were few among even his most hard-bitten staff who were not in awe of him.

The appointment turned out to be a fortuitous one, however, considering the unexpected dangers that the expedition would face. The IMTel was once more proven to be correct – although of course it always was.

Commander Kamrana Josen C3 XEF
Commander Josen C3 XEF

Designated Commander in Chief C3 Xilos Expeditionary Force (XEF), Kamrana Josen found his small force unexpectedly blockaded by unknown race on the planet itself and by their considerable space fleet. The Concord ships were to prove more than a match for the enemy craft sent against them, inexplicably primitive as these were, but the enemy’s powerful and extensive planetary defences were another matter. To the Concord fleet’s combat shard these defences were as incomprehensible as they were formidable, of a type not previously encountered and making use of technologies abandoned among civilised cultures thousands of years ago. During the course of the war for Xilos, Josen would come to understand more about these Ghar, as these aliens called themselves. Josen’s encounter with these warlike and implacable creatures was the first recorded contact between the Ghar Empire and the PanHuman Concord.

Following the intervention of the Algoryn, upon Xilos Josen was to forge a working relationship with General Tar Es Janar, whose proud warlike people the steely Josen came to admire. Indeed, the two warriors had much in common despite their very different backgrounds, yet under any other circumstances they would – most likely – have met as enemies. The Algoryn distrust of the PanHuman Concord was, of course, both justified and entirely accurate. As the rival explorers parted for the last time both Josen and Tar Es Janar faced an uncertain future, their decision to cooperate something that would have ramifications for both if not for the fate of their respective civilisations.

Stats: Strike Marshal Kamrana Josen, CIC XEF

The Kamrana Josen of the Xilos expedition is an older and more responsible commander than the hero of Aan Four, but deep down he has lost little of his old determination. As CIC XEF, Kamrana Josen can replace a Strike Marshal (a Unique model) in a Strike Command squad in a Concord Strike or Drop selector, for +3 points (total +6) with the addition of the following (all shown on his stat entry):

Plasma PistolJosen has a plasma pistol rather than a carbine. He retains the x-sling with slingnet and a few plasma grenades under his robes!
Hero 15″Josen has not lost his rereputation! All with 15″ can use his Init stat.
Wound 2See the Core Rules.
2 × Army Option (Well Prepared)Josen’s experience helps him anticipate the unexpected.
2 × Army Option (Get Up)Josen’s reputation is such that units are likely to get back into the action as soon as they can.
Army Option(IMTel Boost)Josen is a key advisor to the IMTel so will always have an IMTel Boost dice, even if there is no NuHu on the table.
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