Freeborn Weapon Teams

Given the buying power and spread of the Freeborn vardos, it is hardly surprising that they have access to one of the widest range of light and heavy support weapons available – possibly even surpassing that of the warlike Algoryn. Their weapons tend towards Concord and Algoryn designs as the C3’s technology is the most advanced and easiest to adapt for those with limited experience in Isorian bio-silicon nanospore and Algoryn designs are deliberately built to be rugged and withstand a lot of punishment in the field, so ending up cheaper to operate in the long run.

This is not to say that Boromite or Isorian style weapons do not exist: if a Freeborn House can fabricate, reshard or repair the designs, they will!

An Oszoni X Launcher and Mag Light Support

Domari and Vardanari Crew

Freeborn weapon crew are either the well-trained and well-equipped vardanari or domari ship defence crew. The main difference is in the training (better Acc, Init and Co for vardanari), their standard equipment (vardanari have impact cloaks, plasma pistols, batter and spotter buddies, and may have an HL Booster buddy whilst the domari have mag pistols, a spotter and may have a batter), and in the support and heavy weapons they use.

The weapons are largely dictated by their role: vardanari are expected to fight both offensively and defensively and have a high impact both within enclosed spaces and on an open battlefield; domari are expected to defend their ships and act as militia or garrison troops.

This means vardanari typically use the more expensive plasma cannon but may have a compression cannon, plasma light support or x-launcher and special munitions arc, scoot, scrambler and suspensor net. Their heavy weapons teams use plasma or compression bombards, fractal disintegrators, mag mortars or x-howitzers, taking the same special munitions for the mag weapons with arc, scoot, scrambler, suspensor net. Vardanari seldom operate alongside ferals but when they do they typically supply a solid core of infantry and weapon teams.

In contrast, the domari are given a mag light support (not to be sniffed at!), mag cannon, or fractal cannon. Their heavy weapons are typically heavy mag cannon or mag heavy support. In many ways, the domari can be considered for a lighter Algoryn weapons team (perhaps a decent template for Algoryn local militia or mercenary garrison troops). Domari weapon teams are likely to operate alongside ferals, too, as they are often better trained in the use of advanced weapons.

Light Support Weapons

X-Launcher. A portable magnetic launcher that hurls explosive missiles, bombs, or special munitions packages, such as Arc, Blur, Scramble, and Scoot. Their regular explosive ammunition resists full compression due to the charge, so they can be bulky but are excellent for lobbing shots onto fixed targets. The bombs themselves are usually guided either by internal sensors or by means of mobile targeting probes.

Mag Cannon A long-barrelled weapon with multiple internal rails that generate a very powerful pulse to deliver a single shot at incredible velocity. The ammunition is designed to defeat heavily armoured targets and release a mass-sensitised disruptor field that inverts and crushes local space. A target struck and penetrated by a mag cannon suffers massive internal damage and is unlikely to survive. The Heavy Mag Cannon is the heavier version of the Mag Cannon with a little more penetration.

Freeborn Heavy Mag Cannon
Freeborn Heavy Mag Cannon

X-howitzer A vast magnetic artillery pieces that shoot explosive bombs or a wide range special munitions. They are the largest kinds of launchers and sturdily constructed to withstand the high velocities generated by their multiple magnetic rails. X-howitzers are often crew served weapons but can be vehicle mounted in the form of mobile artillery.

The Mag Light Support (MLS) is another mag weapon like the cannon above that propels multiple spikes, needles, slivers or plugs fed by an inbuilt compression field which is capable of carrying thousands of rounds. The support weapons here are also able to synthesise their own ammunition from an integral HCM (Hyper Compressed Material) core given a few hours.

The plasmaa weapons are described in the Concord weapons arrticle whilst all are largely covered in the Freeborn weapons article

Freeborn Support Team Gallery

This shows the models available and also shows off a couple of teams from Matt Houghton’s collection. Frankly, if you have several armies you can even mix and match the weapons with whatever crew you have available (we do!).

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