Boromite Engineers

Vorpal Charges and engineers

Boromites are reknowned for their engineering and mining, but along with that is the need to maintain the equipment used in those endeavours in tough environments and in emergenceis. The Boromite engineering teams perform such a function, and also have a presence on the battlefield, itself.

The engineer team’s main role is to make sure the auto-workshop is functioning at its highest capacity. This is a compact mobile workshop that maintains, repair and sometimes modifies all kinds of nanosphere‐based technologies including weaponry, vehicles and other machines. The workshop generates a cloud of constructive nanites and micro-drones that set to work on damaged or failing machinery, using these and its structural suspensor integrity micro-drones to diagnose and repair. In game terms the auto-workshop potentially removing a pin from nearby vehicle squads or other squads that have machines or weapons it can repair

The engineers are also accompanied by vorpal charges used by Boromites in their mining operations – and sometimes deployed against their luckless enemies. The vorpal charges are mainly tunneling or clearance devices, little more than containment cages for a microscopic black hole. Once released, they have a finite life and are often difficult to control: in game turns, once released, they have a random move and direction after the first turn, but if they run into any model, they force an Agility test on the model otherwise it is swallowed whole…!

The engineers themselves are armed with home-built plasma pistols and a combination of tools best abstracted as compactor mauls; they also carry fractal charges for demolition purposes. They are often faced with difficult situations so all have reflex plates and it goes without saying that they all carry a breaching kit (+1 on attempts to destroy buildings, walls and structures). 

Freelance Boromite Combat Engineers
Boromite Combat Engineers

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