Matronite Showcase

Gary Martin Matronite 6

Ideas and inspiration often spring from seeing other’s work, and the community’s come up with some really varied versions of the Boromite Broodmother – the matronite. Well-known Boromite afficianado Gary Martin, Matt ‘Rocky’ Schreiber and Steve Lemieux were all dedlighted to show their inspiring matronites, whilst Antares Warlorder Tim Bancroft added his own as a example of what you can do with only basic painting skills.

Gary Martin

Matt ‘Rocky’ Schreiber

In addition to giving us these images of his matronite, ‘Rocky’ also made a pair of ‘how to’ videos with step-by-step instructions: Part 1 and Part 2. Thanks, Rocky!

Matt Schreiber Matronite 10a

Steve Lemieux

Tim Bancroft

Antares 2 co-authoer and ex-Warlorder Tim Bancroft struggles to paint normal sized figures these days so has moved on to doing the best he can with vehicles and larger models. We’re waiting on more photo’s but the one below is here to show what can be done even with a shaky hand and deteriorating skills!

This particular matronite found a particularly rich vein of lapis lazuli (a deep blue metamorphic rock) which she found incredibly tasty and would not be moved until she had mined it out. Though she initially turned a rich, dark blue she is now reverting to her natural colour as the lapis leeches out of her system, and looks very different in different lighting – much like an ancient painting using the blue tint ‘ultramarine’. She is difficult to handle in battle, not because she is ‘ornary but simply because she would far prefer to be tunnelling through rock somewhere! Her names are varied, as a result, but most often she is referred to as “Agatha”.

Justin Shearer

Justin used to co-host the Freeborn Shard with Tim. He has always been a great painter and his matronite is no exception.

“Fire All the Plasmas 2019” Sluggaz Tournament

And at a recent tournament in Southampton, we saw three of the broodmothers all together. All were named, but we can’t reproduce all the names, here. Nonetheless, on a Taskarr Tundra table, they look pretty impressive!

A trio of matronite brood mothers
A trio of matronites from (L-R) James Steele, Mark May and Warlorder Tim
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