Datafile: Virai Manipulator Tools

Virai Constructor with Tool Appendages and Fusion Cutter

The Virai Dronescourge are equipped with a wide range of different manipulator arms which vary drone-by-drone depending on the task they are appointed to carry out. When a task is completed, the drone either moves on to a similar task requiring the same appendages or is re-equipped with other appendages suitable to the new task.  The drones referred to as Warriors or Hive Defenders are used as heavy lifters when not in combat and are equipped with lighter weight tools and a pair of heavy digging/cutting tools: ripclaws.

Ripclawes and tool appendages blueprint

Tool appendages

These tool-equipped appendages given to Virrai Constructor drones often include gripping arms, short-ranged slicers, drills, saws, bonders and jacks. The combination can be effective as close and hand-to-hand weapons.

Virai Warrior with ripclaws
Virai warrior drone with ripclaws


Ripclaws are multi-purpose in design, a combination of a power vice with digging and cutting blades useful for both demolitions and mining. On the battlefield, they are used as much in hand to hand combat as in tearing down the fabric of the walls and obstacles, ripping through doors or even destroying buildings.

The principle danger from ripclaws is the co-operation that is an integral component of Virai programming. When demolishing buildings, for example, where one Virai strikes, another will immediately follow up the strike in the exact same location to cause extreme damage to the fabric of the construction. On the battlefield, however, this means that a hit from one ripclaw is likely to be followed immediately by another, at the same, weakened spot.

Virai Hand Weapons Range
Weapon Effv Long Extr Shots Attacks Special
Ripclaws HtH only 2×SV2 Breaching, Compound SV
Tool Appendages HtH only 2×SV1 Compound SV

Mining Tools

In addition to the above, Virai mining constructors are also equipped with tractor mauls or mass compactors and fractal greandes – beraching explosives using frag/fractal technology. Though ttttttttttheir own design, convergent design paramters makes the tools look very similar to their panhuman counterparts.

Virai Mining Tools Range
Weapon Effv Long Extr Shots Attacks Special
Mining Tools/Arms 10 20 30 2×SV2/1/0 2×SV2 Inaccurate(Ranged), Breaching, No Cover, Compound SV, Hand Weapon
Fractal Charges 5 1×SV3 1×SV3 Grenade, Compound SV, Hazardous HtH, Breaching

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