Dirag, Boromite Captain and Entrepreneur

Dirag, Boromite Crime Lord

Dirag was – and perhaps still is – Prince Batu Delhren’s major-domo on Delhren III, managing Batu’s business interests, the Spyker Corporation, when Freeborn life called him away. Now Batu is in exile, Dirag has been left in charge, though he still operates the businesses – legitimate and nefarious – with an acumen that brings profit to Batu and the corporation, if not to the Vardos Delhren.

Dirag has accrued a reputation for ruthlessness against those who cross him or Batu; indeed, his rumbled words of “Mr Batu wouldn’t like that” tend to instil fear into those who even think of undermining him or the business.

Dirag’s loyalty to a normal panhuman is often commented upon, and derided, amongst other Boromites but Dirag rarely rises to such insults. Others point to his past and the fact a Boromite would only be so loyal to a non-Boromite if there was a major debt to settle. Following such logic quickly leads anyone investigating his past to a small Boromite clan, the Yghern, who were all but wiped out many years ago after being double-crossed by House Isoptix. The stranded and dying clan-members were rescued by an unknown benefactor who gave them shelter and the extensive medical care they needed. Though Batu has never admitted his role in their rescue, it is claimed Dirag has a Yghern tattoo on his underarm, suggesting his loyalty is in payment for the personal debt he and his clan have to Batu. Whether or not the story true, it makes for a great fable, one that is oft repeated in Dirag’s wake by those who follow in his wake.

When out and about, Dirag doesn’t mess about. He is never seen without a sidearm and when ‘on the front lines’, so to speak, always carries a plasma carbine and brings whatever buddies – Boromite and mechanical – he can find. In-game, Dirag is best used in a Freeborn army where he substitutes for a Boromite Captain in a Domari Command Squad with plasma carbine, reflex nodes and impact cloak at an extra two points (+3pts), and can also bring with him one or two batter buddies (+2pts each) and a medi-buddy (+2pts). He can also replace (upgrade) one unit of domari for/with a Boromite Work Gang or Boromite Security Gang.

Boromite Freeborn CaptainMAgAccStrResInitCoSpecial
Dirag, Delhren and Crime Lord Entrepreneur with plasma carbine; reflex armour, impact cloak45666(7)810Command, Follow, Hero, Tough 2, Wound
Dirag, Boromite Crime Lord
Dirag, Boromite Captain or Crime Lord
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