Virai Weapon Drones

Possibly one of the most feared Virai drones after their First Instances, the Virai weapon drones are fast, highly capable and extremely dangerous. Though based on the multi-purpose warrior chassis, and theoretically usable in mining or scavenging roles, this drone is extended to become the most obviously defensive or militaristic drone in a Virai hive.

Though well armoured with an heavier form of the complex, Virai cerametallic alloy honeycomb armour, the drone can be vulnerable to sustained attack. To compensate, the Virai typically fit the drone with the power plants from two warriors and add multiple fusion flamers in the form of a flamer array, enabling it to fire in both dispersed or automatic mode or in a concentrated fire, anti-tank mode.

As ever, the Virai scavenging means that the architectors occasionally equip their weapon drones with recovered mag weaponry from other species. Such Mag Cannons and Mag Light Supports are uncommon as the Virai prefer the flexibility of their flamer array. However, the more military-minded Secondary commanders appreciate the penetration of the mag cannon, the effective consistency of the mag light support, and the range and reliability of both.

Like all Virai, their weapon drones rely on their architectors for in-flight battlefield repairs and substantial amounts of command and control. Not being dependent on nanospore, they are immune to Scramble munitions and, of course, being artificial beings, Scoot munitions have no effect.

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