C3 Drone Commander

In addition to their Strike and Drop Commanders, the C3 also deploy drone commanders, weapon drones that have complete command systems and a fair weapons loadout. The IMTel does not favour human or machine intelligence when it comes to selecting the most effective commanders. Fully sentient machines are just as much part of the Concord Combined Command (C3) as its human or alien components. While some command drones are machines of the highest degree of sentient intelligence, others are transitioned humans whose experiences and human perspective make them valuable in their own way. Such transitions affect a human mind considerably, and over time it becomes impossible to distinguish between a transitioned human and a pure machine intelligence.

Drone Commander units come with spotter, batter and gun buddies. The drone commanders themselves are equipped with tool appendages, x-sling + slingnet/plasma grenades, twin plasma carbines and have a Res of 11. They can also initiate assaults and have the Ace and Self-Repair special rules to minimise or recover from damage. 

Drone commanders are best used in hostile atmospheric environments or leading a group of drones. They are more resilient than might be expecting, and their embedded plasma carbines and gun buddies puts out a reasonable amount of fire.

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