Showcase: C3 Strike Force ‘Reapers’

Matt Schreiber Concord Support Team

We’ve seen plenty of fantastic assembly and painting videos from Matt ‘Rocky’ Schreiber and were delighted when he shared with us the photos of his small Concord force, as well.  When he gave us a background, too – well, we couldn’t resist! Over to Rocky, his paint scheme and his Personal Shard background…

Matt Schreiber's Concord C3 Strike Force Reapers
Matt Schreiber’s C3 Strike Force Reapers

Strike Force Reapers are a new force in the Concord Combined Command, created specifically to combat the threat of the Virai Dronescourge. Ostensibly based at the major C3 military headquarters at Gethderah, at the equatorial end of the Northern Interface, the threat actually means the Reapers have a temporary base only 15 systems from Taskarr. However, due to Antarean travel times across such huge distances – even 15 systems could take 100 days to travel – detachments are often to be found in systems much closer to, and all around, Taskarr so they can react faster to any reports of the Dronescourge arriving in Concord space.

At present, the Reapers are tasked with determining the most effective method of dealing with the Virai, including weapon combinations, tactics and camouflage. By allowing their armour its full range of chameleon adaptability in terms of background visual, IR, UV and multi-spectra camouflage, they hope to confuse the Virai sensors. Given their combat research role, the Reapers are equipped with support weapons and the complete range of vehicles used by the C3, including combat drones from the C3D1 to the C3M25. Weapon mix is varied: plasma cannon on support teams and medium drones, plasma light support on light weapon drones and transports, and heavy compression cannon on the heavier vehicles to try and take out the First and Second Instances. Unfortunately, no definitive results have yet been obtained.

Strike Force Reapers are shown here in camouflage for one of their opertional zones: a southern temperate zone on the otherwise warm planet of Sebechirr, only 3 gates from Taskarr.

The IMTel has little data on the Virai, what it has on file having been recalled from millennia-old archives.  Only time will tell which of the Concord’s highly advanced weaponry and equipment will prove successful against a threat that regards ‘biologic’ life forms as nothing more than an infestation, an annoyance to be cleared out like ancient cockroaches. And the Strike Force Reapers are in the forefront of the Concord IMTel’s research and information gathering.

It’s a tough location, indeed.

Sebechirr - a Concord frontier world
Sebechirr, a Concord frontier world

Matt Schreiber runs ‘Rocky’s War Room’ where he has posted plenty of assembling and unboxing articles for Antares. Do take a look at his Antares Youtube collection (off-Nexus).

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