Personal Shard: Vardos Cadix’ Beyond the Tales

IMTel and Nexus contributor Vardos Cadix (Adam Murton) has created his own Personal Shard blog  on which he is posting his fiction and the related background. It’s not just his but includes systems, planets, areas, Freeborn houses and other background all collated from ideas put forward by his local gaming group.

The blog is called Beyond the Tales and he is at pains to stress it is completely unofficial. It mostly contains fiction based in his Personal Shard, but one really neat and self-contained story that could be based anywhere is Hatches. He wrote it in honour of The Dronescourge Returns, and we thought it warranted a special mention.

We think it’s is a great example of a Personal Shard: a personal interpretation of the Antarean universe, inspired by the incredibly rich background. Do share yours with us as we’d love to see more!


Beyond the Tales Personal Shard

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