Boromite Guildess Arran Gestalin

Boromite Guildess Arran Gestalin first appeared in the Battle for Xilos.

Gestalin and her clan arrived on Xilos upon the Freeborn ship The Nebula – under the command of Oszoni adventurer Amano Harran. Gestalin and Harran maintain an uneasy alliance, having gotten to know each other very well indeed, and have come to recognise in each other an adversary as dangerous as themselves and about as trustworthy.

The seventh daughter of Guild Mother Tark Gestalin, herself the seventh daughter of the celebrated Ca’Lotera Gestalin – Arran Gestalin is the seventh daughter of a seventh daughter. Which, as any Boromite knows, is a tremendously portentous birthright for a Guildess.

Her clan’s adventures have been variously disastrous, uproarious and violent, as they have pursued occasional employment as mercenary fighters and engineers. These are, of course, roles in which Boromites traditionally excel. Perhaps Arran enjoys the life of a vagrant adventurer too much to settle into the routine job of expanding her clan as any Matriarch should, continuing to lead the piratical band in the fashion of the old Rock Father Lu’Osti.

Having lost their spacecraft in the fight with the Vorl, clan Gestalin have since relied on the offices of the Freeborn for transport and – to a large extent – as a broker for employment.

Most recently, they’ve been pursuing an extremely lucrative contract aboard a ship whose name is recognised far across the Determinate: the Nebula. Both Gestalin and the Nebula’s captain, Amano Harran, saw the possibilities offered by Xilos quickly, and so the Nebula was diverted to the system where it succeeded in passing the gate and breaking through the Ghar blockade.

Although Concord and Algoryn forces already had significant forces assembled upon the planet, Gestalin’s small band of Boromites were far better equipped to deal with the subterranean environment of the ancient Gatebuilder ruins. In fact, the dangerous, dark and confined tunnels of the undercities were no more than the Boromites were accustomed to. The clan was able to bring its mining equipment and engineering skills to bear exploring and expanding the tunnels system. Soon, despite coming late to the party, the Boromites had uncovered artefacts of several different kinds. Many were mere fossils, fragments of machines or information storage systems that would require careful examination to unveil whatever secrets they possessed. But not all of their discoveries were of this kind.

Most significantly, as they explored they were able to locate and unlock a number of stasis chambers, finally coming to the main control chamber where a stasis key Arran Gestalin had found seemed to be able to control the device. Arran was wary about activating a potentially dangerous Gatebuilder device, but before she could figure out what to do, she was ambushed by Amano Harran. Despite her warnings, Harran just inserted the key she found into its receptacle in the controls – and triggered a void, a rift that swallowed all who stepped into it (A gate to another Nexus? Another Nexus itself? Or something completely different?).

Arran Gestalin and Amano Harran fled, but were lucky to escape with their lives. It seems that Amano’s actions may have triggered another Antarean Collapse – either that or the Isorian’s use of a chronophasic ship to try and prevent the diaster from happening.

Stats: Guildess Arran Gestalin, Boromite Adventurer

The Arran Gestalin model is mounted on a locomite. She replaces a Rock Rider Overseer in a Rock Rider Overseer Squad in a Boromite Guild or Boromite Clan selector for an extra +2 pts. In a Rock Rider squad, Arran can also attach 2×gun buddies, a spotter and an HL Booster buddy at the costs stated below.

Arran Gestalin can also be used on foot, replacing the Guildess in a Matriarch/Guildess unit for an extra 2 points (total +6).

Arran Gestalin variation M AgAcc Str Res Init CoSpecial
Guildess Arran Gestalin, mounted: with customised plasma pistol, plasma carbine; reflex armour on locomite7 65 87(8)8 10Command, Follow, Hero, Hit & Run, Savage Strike, Tough 2, Wound, Unique
Guildess Arran Gestalin, on foot: with customised plasma pistol; reflex armour 45666(7)810Command, Follow, Hero, Tough 2, Wound
Customised plasma pistolLike many other rich and adventurous types, Arran has a customised, bejewelled, personalised weapon matched to her own DNA. It only works with her but gives a +1 bonus to both shooting (Acc) or in hand-to-hand (Str).
Initiative 8, Command 10 As a highly-regarded Guildess, Arran has had exceptional training in leadership and military motivation.

If mounted, Arran can also access additional unit upgrade options, as follows:

  • 0–1 spotter buddy @ 1pt
  • 0–2 gun buddies @ 1pt each
  • 0–1 HL Booster buddy @ 1pt
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