Quick Guide to the Nexus

Welcome to the new, Antares Nexus and the Antares 2 rules!

Production of resin, metal and plastic Antares figures has moved to Skytrex, as discussed in this post on the move.

This page is purely an introduction to the Nexus and what you’ll find here. There are well over 250 articles here, as well as umpteen downloadable files, all linked to by the main pages in the menu system.

We’ll be adding to these and, hopefully, most of the additions will be from players. We’ve tried to bring the existing articles up to Antares 2 standard, and we have trained vorl volunteers still converting some as we speak, but if you see any problems, or have anything new, mention it/them on the Antares Facebook group.

All the documents have been read and re-read numerous times by a bunch of playtesters and proofers. But in a complex set of documents, errors and typos inevitably occur. When highlighting errors or trypos to us, please mention the version number of the document that may be in error, as well as the page and, if possible, rough location on which the error sits. There is well over 200,000 words across 13 documents, including the lists!

Facebook Antares group

We’d like to remind players that Antares 2 is now being maintained on a hobby basis by it’s authors, Rick and Tim – it is not our full-time job so we beg for patience, but the truth remains: Antares 2 is a player-maintained and developed games system. We have to prioritise things like earning a living before responding, and do the best we can, but ultimately rely on those around us to get things right and move the universe forward and some things will get bottle-necked.

This also means that player input such as new models, battle reports (batreps), scenarios, fiction, showcases, species, background, Freeborn Houses, Boromite clans and such is welcomed! Rick and Tim will curate the content to try and keep it to a high standard.

The most important two pages are Rules Central, where you can find the free rules, and the free PDF Army List page. For those interested in what’s new to Antares 2, we recommend the What’s new in V2 page, which goes through in some detail what the main changes are.

Rules Central contains the latest Antares 2 rulebooks (Core, Arms & Equipment, Playing the Game and a Guide to the Universe) as well as a quick-ref and .zip file downloads with all the files, and a link to the living FAQ. All these can be found in the menu system above or at Rules Central.

Free Online Army Lists complete with all stats and weapons for each faction are available from the A2 PDF Army List page.

Each Faction’s units and characters are covered in detail after the Faction Overview (see the dropdown above).

The Resources drop-down contains links to Scenarios and Fiction, as well as player-provided STLs for 3D printing, a link to where you can buy the official models, and links to a showcase search where player-painted models are shown off. If you have anything to contribute, do contact us through the Facebook page, above!

At the bottom of each post is a Subscribe button next to an email, data entry box. This links to WordPress’s notification system so you can be notified when you want to hear about new content on the Nexus. But we’ve added it here, just in case.

If all else fails, try the Search and Scan page, above, which gives you the option to enter your own search. It also has clickable links to the tag cloud (useful notes about each entry) and to the category listing.


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