Anti-Orbital Fractal Bombard .stls

Anti-Orbital Fractal Weapons by Steve O'Boyle facing left

(These were also used as high-energy solar panels as well as anti-orbital or aerospace defence energy /fractal weapon batteries)

Steve O’Boyle (of Corvus Games Terrain) created the following for the Tabletop Warlords (Kevin Stotts and Sergey Allen). They were originally created as high-powered solar panel array objectives. Howeverr, they looked extremely like the fractal bombards used by a number of factions so have been loaded here as anti-orbital fractal array.

Steve says:

“I based my design as homage to Kevin’s really cool scratch built array [just tweaking it to add more interesting bits].

The model is a two piece print, the lower section and the panel array itself. Both will print without supports if using an FDM printer, but supports will be required for resin printing.

The panel sits onto the main column and can be glued if needed.”

The TableTop Warlords included painted versions of the original arrays in a Youtube video.

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