November 2022 Update Notes

Rules Amendments Nov 2022

This was the living FAQ/errata page for the initial release of the Antares V2 rules. All these have been included in the November 2022 release. They have been collated into a single 2-page PDF that players can use rather than reprint their own PDFs (but see amendments for Virai) – downloadable from the link below.

Core Books

These amendments, updates and comments apply to the core rules, the guide to Playing the Game, the Arms & Equipment Guide and the Guide to the Antares Universe.

Point Blank Shooting (Core 2.11P: Assaults, p.28)

It is weapons in crewed Weapon Teams or on vehicles that cannot shoot when making an assault, even with the PBS rule. Twinned weapons and such on personal skimmers can shoot in PBS, even if they initiate the assault: it was not the intention to remove the assault capabilities of personal skimmers. Thanks to Georg Malter for finding this.

Replace the last sentence in para.2 with: “Support and Heavy Weapons can also shoot in PBS if they have the PBS special rule.”

Unwieldy (New; Core and lists)

An ‘unwieldy’ weapon is difficult to handle in hand-to-hand so inflicts a -1 penalty in hand-to-hand combat, irrespective of whether Str (normal) or Ag (if Agile) is used.

Objective Control (PtG 2.11H: Objectives, P.15)

Reworded to make the intention clear that a unit can only pick up an objective or have it handed off to them at the end of their movement/activation/reaction. The original intention was to remove the daisy chaining effect units used in V1 whereby an objective could be grabbed and sent off the table in only one or two activations, especially with large, cheap units.

Initial Army Lists

Special Rules: Cumbersome

There was a common cut-and-paste error across the army lists. Cumbersome causes a unit to add an extra pin when it fails an Agility (Ag) test, not when it fails a Command Test. Well done Luiso Bosqueviejo. This has been corrected for the next release.

Special Rules: Agile

There was a common cut-and-paste error across the army lists that contain Agile (typically NuHu-using lists and Ghar). Agile allows the user to use their Acc, not Ag in Hand-to-hand. Note that this does only applies to weapons/attacks that can already be used in H2H. Thanks to Seb Jacquet and the French community.

SpeciaL Munitions SUmmary: Suspensor Net

There was a common cut-and-paste error across those army lists that can use Suspensor Net. It obviously cannot be 3″ radius AND blast template (1.5″ radius). Well done Jasper Batcher. This has been corrected for the next release.

Algoryn (2.11J) Intruder Skimmer Command

The intruder command squad can take either mag repeaters or plasma carbines as sponsored aspirants (for +1pt). The commander also has Co 9, not Co 8. Note that most normal Intruder Skimmer Command units would have mag weapons. Thanks Jasper!

Algoryn (2.11J) Summary Tables

The AI Heavy Weapons team should be 8pts, not 10. ‘Get Up!’ and ‘Marksmen’ should be 2pts each, not 1, and ‘Well-laid Shot’. should be max ‘FL (1/turn)‘, and not 1. Thanks Jasper, again! All have been corrected for the next release.

Algoryn (2.11J) D-Spinner

Though the plasma shell mode has the ‘Grenade’ special keyword the D-spinner is not, in itself, a grenade so cannot be placed as a mine. It will be altered to ‘Compound SV, No Cover’ for the next release to ensure there won’t be a misreading (in hand-to-hand there is no cover bonus but I’m just trying to cater for an unseen eventuality).

Boromite (2.11G) Workface Team in QR

The Boromite Workface team should be 1+FL in a Workface force, not FL as stated in the QR. Thanks, Jasper!

Boromite (2.11G) Lavamites and Handler

After much discussion and too-ing and fro-ing, this has been given a core unit discount of 1pt down to 9pts. The upgrade to Rock Brood should be two points (2pts) in total, not one per.

Concord (2.11P) Kamrana Josen, Aan Four

Kamrana’s Res should be displayed as 5(8) due to the Integrated HL Booster and keeping it in line with the Interceptors rather than a separate booster buddy. Thanks to Bruno Michel.

Freeborn (2.11J)

Fractal Disintegrator on M250; Fractal Cannon on Vardanari Weapon Team; Mag-Launcher on Obsolete Command Skimmer

Fractal weapons were erroneously added as a cut-and-paste error: Freeborn prefer weapon teams or closely-allied Boromites to do their demolitions and their main battle tanks and drones to be just that! And the Vardanari weapon team was missing the fractal cannon (feel free to use a domari, Boromite or Algoryn device). Thanks to Jasper for inadvertantly pointing this out.

The Mag launcher on the Obsolete command skimmer is an x-launcher. Again, a cut-and-paste error from a previous playtest version! Thanks, Fernando!

Freeborn (2.11J)

The Askar units are reduced by 1 point – playtesting shows them to be less useful as a group as their individual stats might suggest. The Askar Protector-Warrior Command unit is now 13pts and the Askar Protector-Warrior squad 14pts.

VIRAI (to 2.11J)

Substantial changes to Reprogram, Repair Swarm, Init and Co were made to alleviate some issues in play. We recommend these are reprinted in full.

PDF-derived ‘Title’ Field

In some PDF browsers and on some platforms, the Document Title field is displayed rather than the filename. The Title field will be updated in the next release to hold the document title.

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