James Wappel’s Star Forged NuHu

Ja,es Wappel Star Forged

Ja,es Wappel Star ForgedJames Wappel is no stranger to the Nexus, having painted other models before, including this beautiful Wolf-faced Algoryn Intruder skimmer. We think he is incredibly talented and his step-by-step video guides incredibly useful!

It was originally a Facebook live session given by James, the link to which is below the images. However, he often blogs about painting and tips and will be doing much more Antares painting – which we will no doubt be delighted to share! His blog is well worth a visit and has full-sized images (as ever, it’s off the Nexus, but do go see) and his Antares collection is here James Wappel Miniature Painting.

James’ original post for the starforged NuHu can be found here. Here, he gives us a step-by-step video guide as he learns and explains to how to use ‘Metal Medium’ paints to give a stunning finish to a pair of Freeborn NuHu.

James Wappel NuHu Meld
A completed pair from a NuHu Meld
James Wappel Star Forged NuHu Full
James Wappel’s starforged NuHu


His video of how he achieved such an amazing result can be seen here:

The NuHu Renegades which he painted can be found in the store.


James also refers to some of his Antares painting in his ‘Skyfall’ blog post – a collection of streaming videos on his blog.

James: The aim for the Algoryn infantry was to produce a range of models with different basing, and something different from the red. Here I have an ice warrior, jungle warrior and a ruined world, as well as atwo variations of paint schemes for the Intruder skimmers. For the skimmers, I tried two different animal schemes.

A link to his Skyfall blog post is here.

James Wappel's Skyfall Mixed figures Top James Wappel Mixed figures and vehicles


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