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The following are Antares Facebook groups or local group pages that we’ve been told about. Given the pandemic, the lockdowns and the switch from BtGoA v1 to Antares 2, we do not know how many are still active.

If you’d like us to mention your own Antares player group, do get in touch!

The main line of support for Antares 2 is via the Facebook group for players of Antares is the Beyond the Gates of Antares (IMTel) group. There is a constant stream of discussion and pictures about the game as well as events, rules questions, ideas… loads. We keep the number of sales posts from third parties to a minimum and often make use of it as a news outlet to let Antares players what’s going on! It’s worth noting that is maintained by Rick Priestley and Tim Bancroft on a hobby basis, for other players.

If you’d like your own, local group entered here, do get in touch. Alternatively, local Antares clubs could have their own Nexus page.


The Floridian Shard

Administered by Nicolas Cannaverde, an active member of the IMTel page.

Las Vegas

Administered by ‘Mark Beeblebrox’ and associated with War Room Games (2560 E. Sunset Rd suite 110, Las Vegas, Nevada 89120).

New England Player Network

Administered by Gordon Sampson after being started by Adler Hobby.

Ohio Shard

Mostly run by Tim Peaslee and Will ‘Willus’ Greenslade , a member of Warlord’s US Demo Team, both often seen on the main IMTel page, too –

San Antonio Gates of Antares

They tend to meet and play at Multiverse, and have several well-known players amongst their number.

Utah Gates of Antares

The online group is run by Troy Davidson, one of the US Demo Team and who maintained the Battlescribe files for a long while.


Calgary, Alberta

For gamers in and around Calgary, Alberta. Admin is Zac Belado:


The Montreal group is a general Warlord group but for Antares the best contact is Cédric Barbas :


Canberra Region

Games mostly played at Jolt games in Mitchell and 3d6 in Tuggeranong. The admin, Ben Pik, is (was) a keen Antares player!

SE Australia/New Zealand

The Australia/New Zealand group is run by Joel Downie and has many of the Melbourne and Tasmanian members.

Hamilton, New Zealand

Europe – mainland


Main group: Jenseits der Tore von Antares


The Netherlands group Admin is Caun and also has active players and contributors in the shape of Lex van Rooy and Shimond –

France (Beyond The Gates Of Antares – Groupe Francophone)

Seb Jacquet translated the French rules and can bee found over on vortexzone.

Lebon Davé

Slovakia/Bratislava – The Pressburg Shard

The Slovakian Shard (aka Pressburg Shard) is a thriving group focused around Bratislava run by the friendly duo (and great painters/terrain builders) of ‘ZRudi Hein’ and Gergely and Ondrej. Try

Great Britain & Ireland

Amesbury & Southampton

Whilst not strictly an Antares club, Boscombe Down and Amesbury Wargames Club (BDAWC) run a lot of Antares 2 games as they are the home club of Tim Bancroft. Players also come up from Southampton Sluggaz from timee to time.


Southampton Sluggaz:

East Anglia Shard

Set up by Darren Lee Swancott who also runs the Tabletopgames newsite –


Mostly meeting up at the Wayland Games at Hockley –


Administrator is Antares Gatebuilder John Foster –

Lancashire & Cumbria

Admin Sam Phillips regularly posts on the IMTel page and is a keen player –


A fairly active group –

London (Gates of Antares – London)

James Buckley administers the group for the London area –

Merseyside Shard

Set up and administrated by Gatebuilder Martin Otten. Play and have tournaments in various games shops around the area –

Midlands Shard

Administered by Steve Ævans –


Administrated by Gary Martin, Gatebuilder, blogger, painter and guest on the Freeborn Shard –

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