Occupancy of a C3T7 Transport

C3T7 vs SdKfz251 Side-by-side

The premier transport drone of the Concord and Freeborn is the C3T7.  It’s interior space is deceptive, simply because of the amount of compression technology and manipulator suspension nanospore that is installed in the T7 as standard. The T7 itelf is larger than ancient, comparative transports but is as small as possible to support its intended role and minimise its target profile.  The use of hyperlight envelopes and shielding over its lightweight – but effective – physical shell also gives it a flexibility in a variety of roles.

And we should not forget the fact that its on-board power supply means the plasma light support can be signifcantly reduced in size, allowing for an extremely fast rotation on the small weapon turret.

The interior of the bulbous transport compartment on a T7, the actual space available for troops, is quite roomy – and wider – compared with similar vehicles (see below, for comparison with a vehicle believed to be from Old Earth before the Space Age). Whilst volatile materials and living matter cannot be compressed, a great deal of other equipment can be and micro-drones and manipulator fields can rapidly re-equip a trooper before departure. Give that the internal seating is dynamically imagined from the Concord’s flexible construction and suspensor nanospore, seating can be tailored for the occupants and rapidly and automatically retracted before disembarkation.

Top view of C3T7 transport vs an ancient SdKfz251
Top view of C3T7 transport vs an ancient SdKfz251

That said, like all military transports throughout the ages, the C3T7 cannot be called ‘spacious’. Having a vehicle like a regular hauler that is large makes for an tempting target, so the profile of the T7 has been minimised as much as possible as is common with many military vehicles. In civilian service, transports similar to the C3T7 serve as comfortable transport vehicles for 4-6 individuals, with compactable luggage areas and considerably more space. Indeed, some older or retired models have even been converted into comfortable, mobile homes!

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