Transports: T7, Defiant and Tograh

Transports with similar capabilities are common across the Algoryn, Concord, Freeborn and Isorian Senatex forces: the T7 type drone transports in the Freeborn forces and in the Concord Combined Command, the Defiant in the Algoryn Prosperate, and the MV2 (Tograh) drone transport in the Isorian Senatex. The primary difference is the addition of special armour or the weapons with which each transport is equipped. Most transports take to the field with one or more buddy drones, typically batter and spotterbuddies.

The transports typically vome in two variants: a lighter, Res 10 or 11 variant for use in any army, and an up-armoured Res 12 or 13 variant for use in larger forces. Transport capability (stated by the Transport special rule) typically varies from 6 to 10, medium sized models (small models take up half a space and some models have a transport occupancy, as stated by their Transporter Space special rule).

The Concord’s T7 type Transporter Drone is a variant of the M4 series Combat Drone and shares most of its characteristics along with its general appearance. It is a highly flexible drone with multiple variants. The most basic type has a fixed-emissions hyperlight style armour and basic machine intelligence together with the transport pod – the protective area around which the armour field is projected to ensure the occupants are safe. This can be upgraded to take additional kinetic shielding, an advanced machine intelligence and either a weapons turret with plasma light support or a sensor module. The Freeborn have adapted theirs to take multiple different weapon turrets with mag weapons as well, whether buying and resharding from the Concord or in manufacturing their own.

Freeborn T7 type Transport
Freeborn T7 type Transport

The Isorian‘s Tograh MV2 transport is very similar to the T7 and is can be found substituting for the T7 in Freeborn field forces. It is a drone, but has the organic technology and aesthetic of the Senatex. Whilst carrying similar weapons, and is available in very similar options, the Tograh can also be equipped with the Isorian phaseshift technology as added protection.

The Algoryn base transport is the Defiant. Whilst basically similar to the two great IMTel antions, the Defiant is crewed and can operate in manual or machine-dependent modes, reflecting the Prosperate’s innate distrust of IMTel and independent machine intelligences.  Unlike the T7 or Tograh, the Defiant is equipped with the more resilient mag weaponry, the basic weapon being the mag light support but optional upgrades to twin mag light support and mag cannon are possible.

The Freeborn take standard chassis from other nations, such as the Concord T7, and tailor it for their own and their customer’s requirements. In Freeborn hands, the T7 can be armed similarly to the Concord variation, but also has options similar to the Algoryn Defiant in that it can take a variety of mag weapons, as well. It is quite possible that players can use the models for the Tograh and Defiant as Freeborn transports!

The Isorian Tograh

Note: the Boromite Haulers are not transports in the same way that these transports are: they are effectively similar to other faction’s medium tanks, as strategic options, so are dealt with on their own page.

Algoryn Defiant
The Algoryn Defiant

Showcase painting schemes

The Tograh has some wonderful painting showcases by James Wappel’s Drone Wars and Ian Ackerman’s 66th Nomads – two very different schemes.

Transport Assembly Instructions

Assembly instructions for the T7 can be found here. Many players find using the shorter flight stand works better for the T7, but it’s up to you which you use! The Tograh and Defiant have fewer parts and the back of the box for both is provided here to help with assembly.

The T7 is around 12.5cm long by 12.5cm wide by 4.5cm high, excluding stand (other measurements to come).

Isorian Tograh MV2 Transporter Drone box back S
502411012 Algoryn AI Defiant Transport Skimmer BBk
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