Algoryn Command Squads

Algoryn AI Command

AI field commanders are exemplary battlefield tacticians, leading and directing the AI right from wherever needed.  There are several types of command squad:

  • Optimate Command, sometimes with an accompanying Optimate Bodyguard squad;
  • SD Hazard Command, equipped as for SD Hazard troops;
  • Vector AI Command – see the Vector AI entry for standard equipment;
  • Reaver Assault Command – see the Reaver Assault entry for standard equipment.

Most Algoryn command squads are equipped with the same weapons as their basic type, typically mag weapons, but have the option of taking plasma carbines. Whilst the normal command squads are made from vector leger Algoryn, the upgrade to plasma carbines represents the leaders of the squad being sponsored aspirants – particularly noteworthy vector leger Algoryn who may well be promoted or married into an optimate moch to boost its (and their!) reputation.

Vector AI and SD Hazard command squads are core units in their selector (Vector Formation or SD Hazard) but can be upgraded to Optimate Command squads.

The Optimate Command squad is staffed by optimate leger Algoryn equipped with plasma carbines, reflex armour and impact web and brings with it a medi-buddy and spotter buddy. It contains a Optimate subcommander and two bodyguard but can be upgraded to take an additional Tactical Officer (TO) and up to two more bodyguard.   The commander and TO have an x-sling with implosion grenades. All the troopers have good Acc (6).

An Optimate Bodyguard squad has similar equipment to the Optimate Command squad. This represents optimate leger cadets towards the end of their training.

The subcommander can be replaced with a Brigade Commander, a model that is perhaps best represented by Ess Ma Rahq, with a high Co (10) as well as the Stoic and Courage Under Fire Army Options. The subcommander can also be replaced by a Councillor-General, such as Tar Es Janar, with the Inspirational special rule (any unit on the taable can use his Init stat) and the same Army Options.

<em>Algoryn Command Squad</em>

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