Antares Star Systems and Planets

There are a wide range of planets and systems named in the guide to the Antares Universe, the V1 supplements and in some of the background and scenarios here on the Nexus. This article is a high-level gazetteer to those systems and planets of Antarean Space.

As new planets and systems were mentioned or identified, this will be updated. And as worlds are expanded upon, links to their detail articles will also be added here.

The ‘Where found’ column indicates where a reference to the planet or system was originally stated: ‘Universe’ refers to Antares 2: The Universe (2022); ‘BtGoA v1’ refers to the original core rulebook (2016) and is only mentioned where it gives substantial information above that of the A2 Universe‘Xilos’ to The Battle for Xilos supplement (2016); ‘Chryseis’ to The Chryseis Shard supplement (2017); ‘Dronescourge’ to The Dronescourge Return supplement (released mid 2018); ‘Splintering ‘refers to the PDF mini-supplement The Splintering Shard (2019); Bronvar refers to The Bronvar Campaign mini-campaign scenario PDF (2019).

Systems and Planets of Antares

System Where found Notes
Aan Four Universe System on the borders of the PanHuman Concord and Vorl Synthesis in the Seventh Segment in which Kamrana Josen single-handedly destroyed a shield generator and Vorl commander. Part of the Aan Shard led by the Mandarins of Aan (p.39).
Algor (Enbris/Onebris)
All Capital of the Algoryn Prosperate and homeworld of the Algoryn. Orbits binary star system of Enbris and Onebris. See the Algoryn faction.
Alzantha Universe Capital of the Alzanthan Federation which dominated the Human League during the 6th Age (one of the Trisapients with the Isorian Senatex and NuXon Empire). Now lost.
Antagon IV Core An agricultural world, demense unknown. Chiefly known for poisonous whortleberries, a common weed with hallucinogenic pollen, prolonged exposure to which leads to delirium and paralysis.
Artica Tentu Universe A ruinous but complete Gatebuilder world discovered by the Alzanthans close to the northern polar axis in 2956, 6th Age. Exploration and exploitation of the world becomes a major source of dispute between the Trisapients. This is the last complete Gatebuilder world to be discovered prior to the Xilos Event and a source of several key technologies, including the Isorian realspace interstellar drive.
Averahn Splintering, Universe
During the Splintering, a strategic lynchpin on the Northern Interface between the Senatex and Concord.
Bhanoon Core A world on the Southern Interface between the Senatex and Concord. Chiefly known for its equatorial volcanic jungles.
Bronvar Bronvar
A volcanic, mining world part of Concord Shard Blue 519.
Borom Universe The First Age origin of the Boromites, now lost. A star surrounded by rich asteroid belts for which the Boromites were genetically tailored. See the Boromite faction.
Chryseis Chryseis  System in which The Chryseis Shard supplement was based. The Chryseis Shard is a deadly machine intelligence that views life as erroneous. Chryseis-1 is a radioactive, acidic, boiling and storm-blasted planet that requires iso-drones for survival; the idyllic, pastoral Chryseis-2 had a Concord settlement (now wiped out); Chryseis-3 is a cold-dark mining planet and home to Tas Geren’do and eventually the Chryseis Locus itself.
Ch’ym Chryseis An unwelcoming world inhabited by crystalline life-forms living beneath the surface. Chiefly known for its crystal mines and for where Tas Geren’do received the injuries that resulted in his machine body.
Dama Tu Core System in the Aan Segment (part of the PanHuman Concord-Vorl Synthesis border and Seventh Segment) in which Kai Lek Atastrin gained fame.
De’el Core System bordering the Vorl Synthesis. Notable for its violent Storok volcanic belt in which Kamrana Josen fought.
Delhren III Fiction; Chryseis Home system of the Vardos Delhren. The Delhren capitol ship, Vard of Delhren, and the Delhren embassy host ship, Radiance of Delhren, orbit the star.
Djarn Universe Former Tsan Kiri colony 35 light years from Isori on which Tsan eggs were found, now Isorian human-Tsan Ra colony.
Dormon IV Fiction Warm, dry world just outside the borders of Ghar-Algoryn space used by Ghar Rebels to exchange goods for Outcasts.
Ephra Universe Frontier world in the Algoryn Prosperate (capital Set Five) in which General Tar Es Janar won fame leading the 63rd Armoured Infantry Division against the Ghar. Fartok 12-40-13 was framed to lose the attack on the Algoryn Sentinel here by Karg 12-40-9 and was declared Outcast, along with the survivors of Battlegroup Nine, initiating the Ghar Civil War. The capital is also called Ephra.
Exeth Splintering Criticial military frontier system for the Isorian Senatex from early in the Splintering.
Felseron Splintering, Universe A Concord system from around 7A700 amongst the most northerly of all Concord systems. After the fall of Averahn and the shrinking of the rift, Felseron lasted until around 7A1200 before it was absorbed into the expanding Senatex.
Forward C3-602 Splintering A major C3 military base that is the locus of the Concord’s military might against the Isorian attempts to absorb the Concord. Almost captured in the 7A700s, it is a critical part of the defence against the Isorian’s Weleth salient.
Gethderah Splintering Originally (c.7A540) an Isorian frontier base against the rift of the same name. Captured by Concord forces from Foward C3-602 and Fermoght sometime in the mid 7th century when it became a critical C3 HQ system bolstering front-line systems against the Prosperate, the rift raiders and the Senatex. Operations centre for C3 Intelligence Mandarin Jai Galeyous.
Gharon Prime Universe Secret homeworld of the Ghar Empire and the Ghar, residence of the Supreme Commander. A hiveworld, covered in metal. See the Ghar Empire faction.
Hamaze Universe Populous, hi-tech world in the 3rd Age. Now lost.
Haraph Core World not on the Nexus some 350 light years away from Xig on the Senatex-Concord Northern Interface. Believed to contain substantial Builder relics and ruins.
Hükk Universe A planet and system that reconnected in the Seventh Age in the sparsely populated, southerly area of the Determinate. See Hükk.
Irel Splintering, Universe
Isorian real-space colony 25 light years from Isori, taken by Tsan Kiri 30 years before the 7th Age and retaken in 7A 215
Isori All Capital of the Isorian Senatex (7th Age, previous ages) and most advanced world, technologically, throughout several ages. The system’s star is often referred to as ‘Isor’. See the faction page for the Isorian Senatex.
Jarain Universe Prosperous world during the 6th Age. Now lost.
Kar’A Nine (Kar’A Nine) A rocky, sandy planet on the borders of Concord-Algoryn space plagued with sandstorms but (falsely) rumoured to be the location of Builder technology and ruins.
KayTen Universe Prosperous world during the 6th Age. Now lost.
Lassan Mar Xilos Located in the southern Spill on the borders of Vorl space. A fabled mining world, very attractive to Boromites and Guildess Arran Gestalin.
Masmar Splintering Western-most military HQ from 7A500 onwards, a lynchpin until the emergence of Wyvehna and Averahn as military HQs c.7A740.
Mhagris Universe A Subtex (non-technological), barbaric and dangerous world in the Determinate from which House Oszon recruits its feral forces and skarks
NuXon Universe Capital of the NuXon empire during the 6th Age. Now lost.
Oblon Universe First Isorian real-space colony, five light-years from Isori
Old Earth / Terra Universe The origin of humanity, now destroyed and lost. The primary influence on measurements means archaeologists are looking for a system with three inner asteroid belts with the third having an orbit of one Antarean Standard Astronomical Unit (SAU) – around 30gigayan (150m km).
Orates Splintering, Universe Isorian real-space colony, 20 light-years from Isori and lost to Tsan Kiri in 7A -27
Shamasai  Fiction, Chryseis, Universe A planet towards the north of the Determinate which contaminated Prince Batu Delhren with a semi- intelligent, parasitical bionanospore.  Also known as Delhren VI.
Shen-Lat Hiir Splintering A central hub for C3 military operations along the Northern Interface, 4-5 SAU south of the Averahn Rift. Throught to be the original homeworld of the Shen-Lat panhuman species.
Tamala Fiction, Universe, Chryseis A subtex (non-technological) water world from which the feral Tamalair are recruited for the five Freeborn houses in the Tamala Accord (the Delhren, Isoptix and others)
Tars Urgon Core Concord frontier world on which Kamrana Josen first found fame.
Taskarr Dronescourge
TaskarrSystem last seen in the Fourth Age along the Northern Interface which emerged shortly following the Xilos Catastrophe. T.O.R. 563 was encountered here, along with Ghar Exiles and the return of the ancient Virai Dronescourge. With an inner system consisting of three gas giants and four smaller planets, the major planet is the dual-mooned, Taskarr II, currently in the grip of one of its frequent ice ages.
Tsajhon Splintering, Universe
Isorian real-space colony, 17 light-years from Isori and lost to Tsan Kiri in 7A -22.
Tsan Kiri Universe Homeworld of the Tsan Kiri. Attacked by Isorians in 7A 280, but found to be deserted and completely destroyed. The Isorians keep a heavy garrison in the system against the return of the Tsan Kiri.
Tsates Universe Second Isorian real-space colony, eight light-years from Isori. Attacked by Tsan Kiri in 7A 3.
Ulk’ka G’neka Core Asteroid colony system in which Kamrana Josen was promoted to company commander.
Vahhn Splintering
Isorian real-space colony, 15 light-years from Isori and finally lost to Tsan Kiri five years before the dawn of the Seventh Age and retaken in 7A 40
Wyvehna Splintering Major military HQ for the Senatex along the Northern interface from around 7A740 onwards. Linked Tsan Ra Five to Exeth and Masmar, anchoring the route westwards which finally led to the acquisition of Felseron.
Xig Core Abandoned world on the Northern Interface between the Senatex and Concord. Chiefly known for having Builder ruins and for its real-space proximity (350ly) to Haraph, a world believed to be of Builder origin.
Xilos Universe, Xilos The only system where two gates were discovered, possibly leading to another Nexus, but now collapsing from the Xilos catastrophe. Referred to in The Xilos Horizon; planet on which The Battle for Xilos supplement was based. The first open encounter with Fartok’s Rebel Ghar.
Xon Universe Hi-technology world established in first Age that became the capital of the NuHu-led Empire of Xon in the Fourth Age (the Xon Times). Now lost.
Zyra Universe Thirteenth colony of Algor destroyed by the Algoryn to deny it to the Isorian Senatex. Located in the Zyran Sector.

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