Rocky’s War Room: ‘Let’s Build’ Fast Forward videos

Rocky's War Room Videos

Fast-forward assembly

We’re seeing more Youtube channels and videos lately and one which struck our eyes was ‘Rocky’s War Room’ and the ‘Let’s Build’ playlist from Matt Schreiber (thanks, Matt!). What he’s done is pretty useful: he’s introduced the model, then run through the assembly process in a fast-forward mode so you can see things being put together exactly as he does them. Afterwards, he then kindly explains the hiccups and mistakes he made during assembly so his watchers and listeners don’t have to make the same mistake.

Absolutely brilliant, and incredibly useful!

Boromite Brood Mother Boromite Heavy Frag Borer Boromite Infantry
Boromite Gang Fighters

Off-site, you can see all Matt’s ‘Let’s Build’ videos (some of which aren’t Antares) and the Rocky’s War Room Antares playlist with game reports, painting advice and more!

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