Algoryn AI Infiltration Team

Armed with reflex armour and mag tepeaters, Infiltration Squads employ stealth tactics to take enemies by surprise. The squads are most often recruited from Algoryn females, the Algoryn considering combat a necessity for all Algoryn members of the Prosperate. Their key difference is in their training: the infiltrators are used to moving ahead of the rest of the army up close to enemy lines. In game terms, they can lay a minefield prior to the start of the game as well as move further forward immediately prior to the start of play.

Like other AI squads, the infiltrators can pack quite a punch. Their squad leader is armed with an X-sling and the whole squad is equipped with either implosion grenades or fractal charges – either of which can be used to lay minefields. More importantly, the squad comes with a camo buddy and spotter buddy so the squad can hide in plain sight until they can choose their own moment to shoot.

Whilst great advance troops, perhaps able to take an objective early, the Infiltrators focus on stealth means they need the heavily-armed Vector AI squads or Hazard squads to back them up. Nonetheless, they are no pushover and need to be treated with respect by most opposition.

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