Algoryn Weapon Teams

 AI Support teams have access to one of the widest range of weapons in Antarean space. Typically, they are armed with resilient but effective field weapons such as the Mag Light Support, the Mag Cannon and X-launcher or X-howitzer. The Speciail Division has access to more exotic weapons deployed as experimental equipment, from the plasma cannon to those with compression and fractal technology – weaponry that is not quite so reliable but can be deadly.

Magnetic weapons (or ‘Mag Weapons’ for short) propel a metallic, metal-coated or metal-cored projectile by means of a powerful magnetic pulse. The projectile itself takes the form of a spike, needle, sliver or plug. Small Mag weapons are fed by a magazine, however the larger, more sophisticated weapons carry their ammunition inside of an inbuilt compression field which is capable of carrying thousands of rounds – these larger weapons are also able to synthesise their own ammunition from an integral HCM (Hyper Compressed Material) core given a few hours. The logistical simplicity and flexibility of the design means they can be constructed to be highly resilient – perfect for the extensive field operations carried out by the Algoryn AI.

The Algoryn Mag Light Support

The other most common weapon in the AI support teams is the mag cannon, a single‐shot magnetic cannon, a very common weapon in Antarean space. A target struck and penetrated by a mag cannon suffers massive internal damage and is unlikely to survive. Any target pierced by the mag cannon suffers the massive damage rule, making it a very real threat to all types of vehicles. Tactical note: keeping it within cover increases its chance of surviving but try and gain an advantageous height or set up within a crucial choke point, forcing your opponent into some real tough decisions.

Other basic weapons for the Vector AI weapon teams are a Fractal Cannon  or the X-launcher, with a range of special munitions. SD weapon teams can be equipped with Plasma Light Support, the Plasma Cannon, for seige work or the advanced Compression Cannon.

AI Mag Cannon
Mag Cannon Team

The Algoryn heavy weapon teams are equally as flexible as their support weapon teams, most commonly taking the Mag Heavy Support, the Heavy Mag Cannon, the Mag Mortar and the X-Howitzer with its range of specialist munition. SD weapon teams also take the specialist or less-resilient weapons (from an Algoryn viewpoint) such as the Fractal Disintegrator and for SD, a Plasma Bombard or the Compression Bombard.

All advanced plasma and compression weaponry is all undergoing extra research to remove their reliance on IMTel nanospheres. This means the plasma and compresison weapons are often subject to energy Fade, where the weapon must be restarted.

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