Attack Skimmers

AI Avenger Attack Skimmer

Though classed as a ‘lightly built two man fighting machines’, supposedly designed for raids and support use, the combat skimmers of the Algoryn and Freeborn are used as strike weapons in lighter formations or as a support weapon in heavier or assault formations. Like the smaller and lighter personal skimmers, they are buoyed upon suspensors that carry them easily over most ground surfaces and employs pulse thrusters for sustained forward momentum.

The skimmers are similar in concept and appearance to many civilian skimmers found throughout Antarean space. The Concord and Isorian military regard such machines as too vulnerable and therefore too great a risk for their crew. However, the skimmers are tough with a composite skin and reflex armour for the machine and the crew.  Being MOD2, they can move far in a single turn, or can move as fast as infantry can run and still shoot.

The main use of the combat skimmers is as a heavily armoured, mobile support base. They can accompany running infantry and still lay down covering fire, or can be used as mobile protection for the slower, heavy combat skimmers and drones.  Their size means it can shoot over smaller figures, so are useful as protection against combat drones or skimmers – though, toe-to-toe, they is likely to come off worse against a much heavier and more heavily armed combat drone like the M4.

Intruder skimmers scout ahead of a heavier Striker attack skimmer

The Algoryn Avenger attack skimmer is one of the most feared support resources in the Algoryn arsenal. Tough, highly capable and having a deadly array of weapon options, it draws attention – or instills fear – whenever it appears on the field. It’s base configuration has a mag light support, but it caqn be upgrade to a mag cannon or even the much-feared mag heavy support.

A Freeborn Striker

The Freeborn’s Striker combat skimmer is a general design type of two-crew transporter that emulates aspects of Concord drone design. Rather than mag weapons, it is equipped with a plasma cannon or plasma light support. The Freeborn add an additional booster buddy to protect their lightly-armed troops, the Algoryn relying more on the intrinsic robustness of Vector AI troops.

In general, for the Algoryn, a spotter buddy is an important addition if taking a mag cannon, though less so with the mag support weapons. For both Freeborn and Algoryn a batter buddy can help protect the vehicles even more, making them difficult to hit in the first place!

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