Boromite Hauler

Boromite Hauler

The Boromite Hauler is not so much a warmachine as a heavy, multi-purpose utility transport and workface machine that has been co-opted into a battlefield role by the Boromites. Haulers of various types – and of no fixed design – are common on worlds where the transmat infrastructure is tenuous but they are also common on moonlets, asteroids or anywhere that requires the transport of goods or personnel. Despite such a utilitarian purpose, the Boromite’s designed resilience to natural hazards such as cave-ins and asteroid showers, as well as its airtight compartments make it as useful and highly flexible cross between a transport and a medium battle tank!

As a result, the hauler’s role is very different from the transports or combat drones and vehicles in other factions. Many Boromites regard their haulers with affection as they are often living spaces as well as work spaces and when forced to defend a claim replace some of its many equipment mounts with weapon emplacements. The most common weapon fittings are a built-in frag borer with a narrow arc and a mag light support – but in combat, Guild Security teams equip it with several mag light supports or even two mag cannon if they need it to operate in a tank-killing role!

The vehicles is a suspensored vehicle but has additional thrusters, the Boromites not fully confident with nanosphere technology, especially in the environments in which they have to work. For protection against natural hazards (and strangely useful on the battlefield) most haulers have a composite skin accompanied by reflex type armour creating a protective hyperlight envelope. They also have the self repair rule, being able to fix themselves when making a Rally.

Ross Aylward's Hauler disgorges workers on a hostile world
Ross’s Hauler disgorges workers on a hostile world (thanks to Lea Davidson for the SFX!)

Virai and the Hauler

Virai use scavenged Boromite haulers in their most basic mode with frag borer and mag light support. They sometimes add another MLS or a mag cannon, frankly depending on the configuration of the vehicle they salvaged!

Nicholas Wagner’s Boromite Hauler (see below) STL makes for a particularly useful Virai hauler.

Assembly instructions

The Boromite Hauler is a mixed resin and metal kit, so you will need an appropriate glue such as CA glue (superglue). We have a fantastic, three-part article by Ross Aylward, ‘It’s a Hard Life‘ detailing how he assembled, painted and produced the wonderful worn look and detailed finish on his Hauler – complete with opening hatches. Rocky’s War Room has a ‘Let’s Build: The Boromite Hauler’ video which also shows how he magnetised the crane and turrets to allow them to move.

Rear doors Boromite hauler
Detail of the rear doors

Additional Haulers

Nicholas Wagner has created his own version of a hauler and has kindly supplied us with the .STL files for 3D printing. We’re still waiting on our own images, but in the meantime you can download his .stls from the link below and you can see Nicholas’ own images – with a Boromite weapon team member as a crew.

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