Freeborn domari


Domari are soldiers of the domas, the clan or family, household troops rather than guard. They are best regarded as a militia rather than professionals like the vardanari, as they are part of a general levy rather than permanent, trained force. Nonetheless, they are typically armoured with reflex armour (and occasionally impact cloaks) and have effective -and easy to fabricate weapons in the form of mag guns, mag pistols and micro-x launchers. Squad leaders are tyically shipboard petty-officers and, occasionally, one might have access to a plasma carbine, plasma pistol or mag repeater – no doubt he was elected or made squad leader because he had access to the weapon!

All Freeborn households (domas) are subject to the general levy in times of war or even to fulfil the necessary roles of explorers, garrison troops and ship crews. Domari infantry squads are equipped at their own expense, or that of their families, so the appearance and quality of armour, clothing and weaponry often varies. This means they are often more fragile than, for example, Algoryn AI squads, but tend to have an extra trooper.

An interesting aspect of domari squads is that they carry the Freeborn boarder munitions for their slingnets and micro-x launchers. This is like slingnet, but inflicts a disabling SV2 pulse that inflicts an extra pin, at least, if it does not kill.

Freeborn domari forming a defensive perimeter

Domari command squads consist of an officer and three guards, normally armed with mag weapons but able to take plasma weapons in well-appointed squads. The domari commanders are often a ship’s trading lieutenant or tactical officer and could, possibly, be drawn from a Rogue NuHu’s crew.

A Domari command unit can be upgraded to Boromites to represent a salvageer captain’s crew and bodyguard: the Boromite Captain represents the commander of a Salvageer vessel or, perhaps, a criminal an entrepreneurial enterprise incorporating Freeborn shipping agents. If all members of a Domari Command Squad are upgraded to Boromites, one unit of Domari can be upgraded at extra cost to either Boromite Security Gangers or Boromite Work Gang (as in the Boromite army list).

The Dirag figure would make a good Freeborn captain.

Dirag, Boromite Crime Lord
Dirag, Boromite Captain or Crime Lord
Plastic Domari

Domari are available on a plastic sprue but, given the wide disparity of their equipment, models from other vendors would suit just as well!

Domari plastic frame
Freeborn Domari
Freeborn Domari

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