Freeborn Command Skimmer

Some years ago, a surfeit of T7 transporter drone chassis led the Freeborn to experiment with a skimmer to act as a drone commander in their own or mercenary forces. The result is the Solar or Transport Command Skimmer, an adapted transporter drone reconfigured to have a human crew and either semi-autonomous or manual operation. In practice it is a drone vehicle with crew override capabilities,  designed to act as a mobile vehicle headquarters.

As with practically all Freeborn equipment there is little standardisation. The command skimmer can be found in unarmed variants, although most are provided with a plasma light support. One of the most common types adds an x-launcher beside the crew compartment, giving the vehicle a further role as a mobile support weapon under the direct control of the commander.

The skimmer was also given an extensive command suite. In tabletop terms, this means the skimmer has a command range of 15″. However, the vehicle’s lack of space and energy demands means the kinetic shielding suffers somewhat (Res 12) compared with other, armoured transports. Few forces now use the skimmer, though some find the capacity to carry a weapon team and weapon (Transport 4), it’s x-launcher and the Freeborn’s access to special munitions a useful bonus.

In practice, well-protected vardanari command units are preferred to a command skimmer.

The command skimmer is no longer available due to its mix of components.

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