IMTel Support Weapon Teams

Despite their machine-oriented culture, the Concord Combined Command and the Isorian Senatex make occasional use of panhuman-carried support weapon teams, most consistently with light support weapon teams equipped with X-launcher, or with heavier weapons like the x-howitzer. Weapons such as plasma cannon are sometimes carried in an Interceptor or Pulse Bike squad’s compactor drone to turn the fast-moving skimmer units into a rapidly-deployed support team – most likely shooting from or behind cover. The plasma bombard is occasionally fielded by either nation as a heavy weapons unit, though the Concord prefers to use a heavy combat drone.

All support weapons can be easily pushed or carried by infantry as they are mounted on suspensor beds. Whilst the heavy weapons are extremely potent, their downside is that they are slow and large, so suffer from not being to use cover and cannot move quickly.

Whilst the Senatex and Concord prefer the plasma light support drones in the shape of the Nhamak and C3D1, as well as the plasma cannon drone (in the form of the flexible Andhak and C3D2), strike support teams can be highly effective due to being a little more resilient.

The X- series magnetic rail overhead launchers (X-howitzer, X-launcher and the mag mortar used in other armies) can not only fire normal, blast ammo but can also fire special munitions such as:

  • Suspensor Net ammo (causing substantial pins via a physical- and mental- suppressor suspensor net);
  • Grip ammo (a maze of hyperlight mass sinks that slow a unit down);
  • Scoot (a subharmonic pulse that works on the nervous system of living creatures to drive it away);
  • Arc ammo (a localised energy sink that attracts weapon fire);
  • Blur (creates a localised spatial distortion that makes it difficult to see through);
  • Scrambler (an explosive cloud of combat nanophages that disables equipment).

There is an full-length article on the weapons of the Concord Combined Command that also covers almost all those used by the Isorians. And there is also a focus article on the Concord’s plasma bombard and how to use it.

plasma bombard
A Concord-pattern plasma bombard
The Isorian Difference

There are two major differences between the Senatex and Concord weapon teams . The first is that the Senatex equips its soldiers with phase armour, allowing it to automatically phase out (and go Down, forcing Acc rerolls) if shot at.  The other is the the Senatex sometimes equip their support teams with phase-shift projectors, breaching weapons that make any solid target they hit become temporarily unsynchronised from normal space and synchronised with phase armour. This allows nearby phase troopers to run through the phased-out wall.

Isorian Senatex phase-shift projector with crew
Isorian Senatex phase-shift projector with crew

Offsite, Rocky’s War Room has a really useful video on how to assemble the Concord plasma cannon (amongst other things!).

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