The NuHu User’s Guide

Isorian Female NuHu Senatexis

NuHu –a contraction of New Human – are extremely tall, long‐limbed morphs with bodies that are slight or even frail. However, it is their considerable mental abilities that make them distinct from other humans. NuHu are hyper‐intelligent and possess machine‐like powers of recall. This alone makes them formidable individuals, but what really sets them apart is theircapacity to interact with nano‐based technology.

Whilst other humans must rely upon interfaces or implanted devices to interact with the many machine intelligences of advanced Antarean societies, the NuHu can do so with their minds alone. This power is seated deep within a part of the brain that is sensitive to electro‐magnetic radiation and which forms a bond with the tiny nanites that saturate the worlds of human space.

In this way NuHu are born and grow up immersed in an environment that is part of the nanosphere. To them it is entirely normal to live co‐joined lives with the IMTel (Integrated Machine Intelligence) that controls all aspects of advanced human societies. They are at the same time the masters of this technology and expressions of it, living creatures that are also part of a greater machine mind. Scarce wonder that to many ordinary humans they often appear to be living machines, cold and inhuman.

The information below is concerned with the NuHu as they are represented on the tabletop. More information can be found in this background article, the Rise of the NuHu.

Isorian Senatexis
NuHu Basics

The advanced humans known as NuHu are directly linked to the nanosphere, having evolved to be an integral part of the IMTel environment, as much enfolded by it as an expression of its will. As such, they are difficult for the ordinary Antarean and PanHuman to understand.

On the tabletop, the NuHu have a particular set of rules that also makes them difficult to understand, so it’s worth examining as a separate type of unit.

Concord NuHu Mandarin and nano drone

Each major advanced civilisation, the PanHuman Concord, Isorian Senatex and the Freeborn Vardos, support the existence of NuHu. Those of the Concord are typically given the honorific ‘Mandarin’, in the Isorian Senatex ‘Senatexis’ – though a true Senatexis is one of oteh principle ‘guides’ or Isorian life – whilst those amongst the Freeborn are typically thought of as ‘Renegades’, those NuHu eschewing or escaping from the warm embrace of a fully-functional IMTel.

The occasional Renegade NuHu is called ‘Rogue’, especially when then practice the less savory arts of extreme genetic manipulation or take refuge amongst ferals.

A note on the Meld: Whilst NuHu can link their minds to form a highly-effective meld, this is not a state in which they can operate on the battlefield. The link minds may be a highly effective deductive and analytical tool, but such a merge means that each NuHu struggles to identify their own body! If the NuHu meld is broken, it often results in catastrophic mental damage to both NuHu – as happened with one such NuHu called the Raya (now Rogue, and loosely allied to the Delhren).

503014001 Male Freeborn NuHu Renegade a

The Isorian and Concord NuHu can be upgraded with shield drones, spotter drones, gun drones and a medi-drone. The Freeborn NuHu can be upgraded to have a spare nano drone, two shield, and two spotter drones. All the NuHu units come with a nano drone included in the base points cost.

NuHu have roughly the same stats, which is a good Ag but low Res. They typically use suspensor fields to move so can be faster than the typicaly human. Their Init and Co are always high and their targeting is exceptional (Acc 6).

IMTel/NuHu Stave

The NuHu Stave comes in various designs but all focus power from the NuHu’s nano-symbiote into an explosive blast. The weapon has a relatively short range, but can inflict up to three SV3 hits at range and close-in up to three SV6 hits.  NuHu often also carry plasma pistols for more subtle or slightly longer ranged work.

NuHu IMTel Stave
NuHu IMTel Stave
Nano Symbiote

A NuHu and their nano-buddy symbiote stand at the centre of
a concentrated cloud of managed nanospore and nanocytes
(combat nanophages and similar nanospore). The NuHu can
wield this concentrated nanosphere to overwhelm their
opponents nanosphere- and conventional-powered technology,
re􀁅ected in the following abilities. This is the Nucleus special rule.

  • Scrambler Field: The NuHu generates a scrambler field. All the effects of scrambler apply to any enemy units within 3” of the NuHu model’s base except other units with Nucleus or Scramble Proof.
  • Nullify. The NuHu’s nanocytes overwhelm nanosphere attacks. Scrambler munitions within 3” of the NuHu at any time are immediately removed from the table.
  • Subverter Immunity. The strength of the nanosphere means the NuHu’s unit cannot be targeted by a subverter matrix.
503014002 Female Freeborn NuHu Renegade a

In addition to their nano drone, most NuHu are accompanied by a cloud of buddy drones, typically batter buddies, spotters and medi-buddies. This is often termed a ‘drone cloud’ or droneswarm. The presence of such drones considerably  helps the accuracy and survivability of the NuHu!

Sacrifical Buddy and Loyal Bodyguards

IMTel NuHu also have the Sacrificial Buddy special ruloe, meaning they can intercept hits and be destroyed.  Non-IMTel NuHu typically have loyal bodyguard – vardanari or feral – who can jump in the way of most hits allocated to the NuHu.

A Concord NuHu Mandarin
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