Freeborn Fleet Command

Senior Freeborn captains and commanders typically puchase the best equipment they can find for themselves and their bodyguard. In the game, this is reflected by the senior commander in a Freeborn army being able to take the widest number of options and upgrades of any squad.

An Oszoni captain commands her bodyguard and vardanari

The figures we currently see in the Antarean range are modelled on the styles and equipment of the Oszoni, one of the most powerful houses amongst the Freeborn in the Determinate. Oszoni style is distinctive, sometimes apparently ornamental, but there is little purely decorative about it and they are as tough as any Freeborn.

The most basic Freeborn commander is armed with a plasma pistol, reflex armour and an impact cloak over which the reflex core can spread its extended field. The well-trained bodyguard are equipped in a similar fashion and are armed with plasma carbines, arguably the best and most flexible squad weapons in Antarean space. Such command squads also have medi-, spotter and booster buddies and may take extra bodyguards and batter buddies. All may be given resharded armour or compression carbines, and the squad can be given gun buddies making it very adaptable and hard to match one-on-one, though perhaps a bit expensive in points.

Tactically, an upgraded command squad is extremely useful with an extra trooper or two and gun drones as its Acc 6 can add a useful punch and a batter drone much-needed, additional protection.


In addition to the Oszoni style command squad, there are other Freeborn characters who can act as commanders, notably the Mercenary Hansan Nairoba, Amano Harran of the Oszoni, Commander Baray Tsulmari of the Delhren and Admiral Taras Kalemon – all shown below. Troopers can be the vardanari figures or any other, suitable converted figure with plasma weapons and impact web or cloaks.

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