PanHuman Phase Squads (Nar)

Isorian Senatex Phase Squad

Given their common heritage, it is hardly surprising that the baseline Isorin infantry squad is similar to its counterpart in the C3: C3 Strike Squad. Phase Squads, whether panhuman or Tsan Ra, are at the core of the Isorian Senatex’ armed forces and are arguably the best-equipped fighters in all of Antarean space.

Adaptive camouflage makes phase troopers hard to see!

Panhuman phase squads, or Nar Vesh, and their command, called Nar Var, are equipped with multi-function plasma carbines and are protected by phase armour – which includes a hyperlight core. The squads have spotters to feed targeting data to the combat shard and one trooper in each squad has the Senatex’s enhanced shard well-being systems and the Monitor special rule (a Monitor can reroll any one failed Res test in their squad).

The advanced phase armour provides complete atmospheric isolation as well as solid protection against enemy weapons and has a twist: the armour desynchronises the wearer’s position in real‐space, isolating them from harm. Having done so, it must then resynchronise for the wearer to interact with the environment. In practice, the phase field is in constant flux, and to be most effective the wearer must expand the time phased out, reducing the overall amount of active time. This can be harrowing to the user, so is only used sparely. In game terms, the Phase Squads can automatically make a ‘Down’ Reaction, even if they have already played their order dice.

Phase Squad with sharpshooter
Phase Squad with sharpshooter

One member of a Nar Vesh (phase) squad can be issued with a plasma lance or a plasma rifle. A veshmahr’s lance is larger and bulkier than a standard plasma carbine and calibrated to deliver a single, highpowered plasma bolt, useful against heavily armoured or highly resistant targets. The lance can even choose a different target to the rest of the squd. This power is at the expense expense of range and accuracy, but in other respects the plasma lance has a comparable performance to the regular carbine.

In contrast, the plasma rifle is given to nar veshva (panhuman sharpshooters), essentially apprentice phase snipers. The rifle has a longer range than the carbine, but can only fire an SV2 shot. However, the sharshooter can still choose a different target than the rest of the squad and can also use the rifles built-in exploit capabilities to take out a target’s buddy drone, instead.

Senatex Command

The Senatex Command squad is armed similarly to the phase troopers but the leader has enhanced special attributes (Acc, Init and Co) to reflect his abilities. The squad also has veteran troopers who are more accurate than normal squads – something to consider as, numerically, it can be upgraded to as many as a normal squad. The squad can also take a batter buddy.

One Senatex Commander can be upgraded to a Commander of Isor – a rank roughly synonymous with Field Marshal or senior general. The commander has the Tough and Wound special rules, and has an Init of 9 and a Co of 10 to go along with their Command, Follow and Hero capabilities.

Isorian Phase Squad exploring
Isorian Phase Squad exploring a new planet
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