Algoryn Vector AI Squad

The AI (Armoured Infantry) are the backbone of the Algoryn forces, recruited almost exclusively from amongst the Vector leger, the military caste of the Algoryn. Whilst members of the Founder leger perform background tasks, they are still trained and raised as militia and form a huge resource of troops the Vector formations can call upon when needed.

The well-trained, tough AI squads are equipped with Reflex armour and mag weapons, the weapons have a good reach and more resilient on the battlefield.  The basic squad has the squad leader equipped with an X-sling (with SV2 implosion grenades, Inaccurate) and one of three mag weapons. Two troopers are grenadiers by default, armed with a micro-X launcher, able to shoot overhead and in direct fire mode with overload ammo (SV3, Inaccurate) and two more are equipped with mag guns and plasma grenades. The squad also comes witha  spotter but, like all Algoryn units, the spotter can be dropped when facing opponents that might take advantage of teh spooter to subvert the unit.

From here, the squad can be tailored: either grenadier can be given mag repeater or mag gun, and up to three more troopers can be taken. Overall, with a good Res, Co and Init, the squad is one of teh most potent and adaptable in the game!

We also have a more in-depth article on the plastic sprue.

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