Boromite Rockfather & Overseer

The Rock Father and Overseer are important males in Boromite society, leading small work parties or clans. If necessary, they will lead these to war – though war is more properly the Rock Father’s job.

The Guild Mother, the Matriarch, decides if their clan needs to move on, divide, accept a contract, or what punishments should be meted out to criminals or those who put the clan at risk. The leading member of the clan chief makes the decisions and organise the Boromites for combat and the workface supervisors, the Overseers, lead their work-Boromites when forced to defend a claim.

In theory, the Rock Fathers take precedence over the clan’s Guild Mother during war, but in practice it would be a very courageous Rock Father who acted against her wishes – the matriarchs expect their menfolk to advise them and take control of fighting forces on their behalf, but not to defy them! To model this, a force can either contain a Matriarch or a Rock Father, but not both at the same time. Defiance from a Rock Father does sometimes happen and, in extreme cases, whole cohorts of rogue males can find themselves ejected from their clans and forced to make new lives for themselves elsewhere. Such groups, bereft of the strong morale guidance of a Guildess, all too often turn to piracy, banditry and other criminal behaviour.

Overseers have a less exalted role within the guilds, being organisers of the workforce beneath them, but are respected for their extensive knowledge of mining techniques and technology.

The Rockfather, Overseer and their bodyguard are equipped with home-built or bought plasma carbines, carry implosion grenades or fractal charges, and have reflex armour plates.  The overseer and Rockfather might also carry a compactor maul or lectro lash. The Boromite Command squad can be accompanied by spotter and borer buddies, and can take a pair of Rock Dogs or even an additional pair of bodyguard.

The Rock Father himself is an inspirational, experienced leader, able to invoke feats of heroism in others nearby, and is very tough to kill.

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