Boromite Work Gang

Boromite Work Gang

Boromite Work Gangs represent a workface gang disturbed whilst mining, building or prospecting. As such, they are armed with their tools, basically devices abstracted as compactor mauls and implosion grenades, and a personal weapon in the form of a mag pistol. The grenades can be replaced with fractal charges and whilst they do not have reflex plates as standard, they can be upgraded to all have such plates.

The compactor maul is relatively short ranged, but has a high SV (strength) that increases the closer the ganger is to its (normally his) target. In hand-to-hand, it can be particularly deadly, it’s normal use of tearing chunks of rock and stone away from the face becoming just as potent when used against opponents.

Very often, a borer drone acompanies the squad, its multiple suspensor arrays able to boost even a Boromite’s substantial strength and capable of throwing up cover around the squad in a moment.  They can also be equipped with vorpal charges, matter/anti-matter containment vessels used for drilling holes through solid rock – and perhaps through enemies, as well. The vorpal charges are random, once released, but are a great way of controlling a battlefield.

And, as is common with many units, the gang can take their worker beasts or ‘pets’ in the form of hatchling swarms or lavamite rock dogs. Both cannot be taken as the rock dogs regard hatchlings as a rather appetising, nutrient-rich snack…

The work gang forms the backbone of a Workface force and is a core unit in the Workface selector.

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