Boromite Security Gangers

The Boromite Security Ganger teams are either work gangs detailed as site security or security teams raised by a guild for a militaristic purpose. They shed their tools for with mag guns, though their leader may carry a compactor maul or lectro lash as a badge of office.

All have reflex armour, the most basic form of kinetic field defence common to many combatants in the Antarean universe. This consists of an energy field generated by a core anchored on separate, multifunctional receptor nodes fastened directly into the tough, horny skin of the Boromite. Such nodes are also used in some guilds to identify the Guild to which the Boromite gang belongs, whilst the hide colouration is more likely used to denote a clan affiliation (though not exclusively!). When coupled with their toughened skin and stubborn, custodial nature it means that even the most basic of Boromite foot soldiers can prove to be a formidable opponent.

In addition to their home-built mag weapons, members of the security gang are equipped with implosion grenades and the gang may take  a spotter and borer buddy. The long range of the mag guns gives the gang fighters a curious advantage over the otherwise powerful mining tools they would normally use and makes them a match for potential Guild enemies such as Algoryn and Freeborn. Against Concord and Isorians, the gangers have to hope to close quickly before the longer-ranged firepower of the IMTel nations takes its toll!


Tabletop Warlords have a video overview of the Security Gangers at

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