Workface and Guild Weapon Teams

When disturbed at work, the Boromites use whatever tools they have to hand – and this includes heavy mining and demolitions machinery. The Clan Workfrace selector reflects this by focusing on Clan Workface teams armed with the bulky mining tools known as frag borers (standard and heavy) and the Boromite’s oft-used demolitions tool, their own-pattern mag mortar.

Off-site: Matt Schreiber unboxes the Boromite Heavy Frag Borer.

Given the Clan’s focus on work and mining, it may seem surprising that the Boromite Guilds have access to such a wide range of support weapons. But it is precisely that core ethos that gives them such access: Boromites are to be found in every Antarean society and have very close relations with the Freeborn: they can turning any tool into a weapon, or build one, and the Freeborn, of course, can provide anything for a price! The Guild weapons include most battlefield weaponry such as x-launchers, mag weapons (which they admire for their durability and often assemble different mag weapons onto a single frame to make a mag support weapons) and, in their specialist weapon teams, plasma support weapons or the occasional x-howitzer.

Not really focusing overly much on war, it is hardly surprising that the Boromites tend to not use much in the way of special munitions other than the munitions-cancelling Arc, the stabiliser Grip and Suspensor Net, that they buy in from the Freeborn.

We have a narrative article covering the Boromite weapons in general here.

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