Boromite Rock Riders

Rock Riders take to the battlefield sat atop locomites or ‘rock steeds’ – a Lavan species that sometimes develops from a hatchling brood. They are similar in general morphology to lavamites but taller and more slender. They tower over the squat lavamites, which cower before them, recognising perhaps a creature of superior size, intellect, and aggression, though in truth in order to be used as mounts, the locomites are a little more docile than the Rock Brood. The Boromites implant powerful neural transmitters into their stubborn silicate brains to make them suitably obedient, and have also been known to race these creatures and vast sums are often staked on the outcome.

Not content with the ferocity of the locomites, Rock Riders bear plasma carbines and also carry powerful lectro lances, a tool of control derived from a lectro lash but which can be directed more accurately and are easier to carry when mounted. The lances are designed to deliver a powerful shock and a particular advantage is that the rider can strike with the lance as his mount makes its own attack. The riders all wear inset reflex plates to generate the reflex armour that adds to their protection.

Rock Rider Overseers are important commanders, like overseers. In a lavan Breeder force, they may be the only commanders on the field.

Tactically, Rock Rider units can be expanded to create larger, fast-moving, deadly units. Such an impact comes at the cost of decreased flexibility in terms of order dice, but some commander feel the trade-off is worth it.

A note on locomites in assaults

Both the rider and the mount take part in an Assault using beast mounts and the mount’s Str is used in hand-to-hand. For the Rock Rider units, this means that the riders shoot with their plasma carbine in point blank shooting (PBS) at 1×SV2 or 2×SV0. The locomites also use their lava spit – 1×SV2 – to give a total of 2×SV2 shots at Acc 5 in PBS (or 2×SV0 and 1×SV2) per model. As the units also have Hit & Run special rule, the Rock Riders could also break off after PBS (few do).
In hand-to-hand combat, the rider and locomite both attack using the locomite’s Str, giving 3×SV2 attacks at Str 8, also per model.
Typically, this would occur on a charge or countercharge with a +1 bonus to give a hand-to-hand on 1-9.

Review and Assembly

Tabletop Warlords have their own review video.

The Rock riders are metal and come with a 25 x 50mm base. For such models, some modellers find a gel superglue (CA glue) works well. Off the Nexus, the excellent Rocky’s War Room have put together a Rock Rider assembly video that has loads of tips and is well worth a look!

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