Ghar Scutters

Scutters are a general-purpose, one‐man crawlers designed to carry cargo and disruptor bomb ammunition for Ghar heavy bombardment units and for Ghar bombers. Because these bombs are quite large, bombers and bombardment units can carry only a limited amount of ammunition so are are accompanied by separate units of munition scutters, which busily feed ammunition into the launcher enabling them to maintain a pace of fire.

Scutters are relatively lightly armoured  compared to battle armoured troopers, but they are armed with scourer cannon and can certainly look after themselves. So much so, that attack scutters are used as general transports as well as for scouting and exploring – they are often the first Ghar encountered by the enemy.

All scutters models seen on the battlefield carry a scourer cannon so they are potent little machines even if they are not as well protected as battle armoured Ghar troopers. Attack scutters are little more than scutters with their bombloading equipment and ammunition removed enabling them to operate in a fighting role. The munitions scutter, though, can reload several units when they run out of ammunition providing it is within 5″ and can also use its arms to throw disruptor bombs a short way – a useful tactic when engaged in hand-to-hand.

Scutters, tectorists and a command crawler advance through a overgrown ruins.

Assembly video

Rocky’s War Room have produced a fan-made assembly video for the attack scutters with hints’n tips on their Youtube channel (away from the Nexus!).

Ghar Munitions Scutter
Ghar Munitions Scutter

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