Ghar Wreckers and Wrecking Crew

Ghar Wrecker Scutter

The wrecker is another type of scutter, a small, one-Ghar crawler. The primary difference between the wrecker and other scutters is that the wrecker is crewed by an engineer and has the tools and grabbers to assist other Ghar machinery, repair its when it breaks down and, if all else fails, recover valuable wreckage from the battlefield. Busy wreckers can be found scurrying about the battlefield salvaging useful pieces of armour, weapons and vehicles and separating them from the sorry remains of their (far less useful) crews.

Although the Wrecker is unarmed (the engineer carries plasma grenades), it carries a powerful magnetic mandible‐style grabber, a fearsome looking pair of magnetic mandibles, which it uses to lift and manoeuvre damaged and disabled vehicles. When cornered the grabber (Str 8, SV5) can deliver a nasty nip!

Fartok’s rebels were short on vehicles so converted a number of grabber-like and give them to former Ghar technicians. These technicians were quite proud of the role and continue to serve as BG9 Veteran Wrecking Crews and still call their power jaws ‘Rebel grabbers’. These techs and former engineers roam the battlefields carrying out much the same activity as the wrecker scutters with the added bonus that the grabbers with which they are equipped can give a nasty nip in hand-to-hand (Str 5, SV2).  Otherwise, the wrecking crews have the same effect as the Wrecker.

On the table, wrecker scutters and wreckign crews can assist Ghar battlesuits, scutters and Ghar vehicles within 5″ by granting:

  • an Ag reroll,
  • a Damage Chart bonus (Ace+1) reroll for vehicles,
  • the special rule Self Repair to damaged vehicles,
  • a recovery test reroll, and 
  • +2 to any item’s Erratic rating (an item whose Erratic rating ends up at 10 or more will not burn out on a Erratic Test roll of ’10’ but still fails to function – it is Ghar technology!).

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